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Choose from our range of protectors for various sports activities, such as football, skating or fitness. Protectors are protective devices that are used in various sports, activities, or occupations that increase the risk of injury . Their task is to protect critical parts of the body , where injuries or accidents can most often occur during sports.

Different types of protectors and their function

Both children and adults use protectors during sports. Children while learning, e.g. skating, cycling....adults especially as professional athletes e.g. football, boxing, etc. Protectors have different functions , for example:

  • protection against impacts, falls, or abrasions - protectors cover and protect various parts of the body, such as the head, knee, elbow, wrist, spine, chest, or kidneys, from damage that could cause pain, bleeding, fracture, or even death .
  • improving stability and support - protectors help to maintain the correct position and posture of the body, thereby improving the stability and support of joints, muscles, and tendons. They also help prevent overuse, sprains, or strains that could cause inflammation, swelling, or weakness, resulting in less performance.
  • increasing comfort and convenience - protectors help to increase comfort and convenience during sports, activities, or occupations, thus increasing the experience and performance. They are made of soft and breathable material so they can adapt. They do not restrict movement and are pleasant to wear.

Back protector for skiing

A back protector is a very important protective aid during skiing . We recommend it mainly for children, but it can also protect the health of adults . The back protectors have a vest cut and are worn under a ski jacket. The back part provides back protection and the elastic material does not hinder movement.

Skate protector

Protectors on skates will serve mainly in the beginnings of skating . We offer individual protectors on skates or as a set of protectors. These protectors are also suitable as bicycle protectors. The set contains:

  • palm and wrist protector
  • knee protector
  • elbow protector

Football protectors

You have to protect yourself even during football. A very sensitive place is the tibia, which is often in danger from the opponent during football . Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to purchase football protectors from our offer.

Special discounts
  • -25%

    Spokey wrist guard. Our wrists are often prone to injury and overload, especially when it comes to sports and intense training. For this reason, it is worth getting a wrist bandage, which fulfills the function of supporting and stabilizing the joints . It is an excellent choice not only for active athletes - as preventive protection during increased...

    5,99 € 7,99 €
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  • -18%

    Spokey fitness protector. Any athlete can get injured. Especially in the case of the knees, on which the weight of the entire body rests. For lovers of an active lifestyle, the Lafe knee bandage was developed, which, thanks to its properties, stabilizes and reduces the load on the joint and at the same time increases its temperature, thanks to which blood...

    8,99 € 10,99 €
    Reduced price!
    In stock
  • -22%

    Spokey elbow bandage. The fitness bandage is the answer to the needs of lovers of an active lifestyle. It is invaluable in case of injury or stretching of joints or muscles - it is an ideal helper to reduce the feeling of discomfort . What's more, thanks to the fact that it keeps the affected area warm, stabilizes it and reduces the load on the...

    6,99 € 8,99 €
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • -22%

    Spokey fitness protector. Intense sports and training put strain on the ankles. It serves for support and protection neoprene ankle bandage Spokey Rask , which supports and stabilizes the ankle joint . Its task is to reduce the load and relieve pain. The bandage is a great choice not only for active athletes - as preventive protection during increased...

    6,99 € 8,99 €
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • -20%

    Elbow bandage Spokey Fitness bandage is the best protection and insurance against injury and overload . Thanks to the soothing heat retention and strengthening, it stabilizes and reduces the load on the elbow joint and increases the temperature , which improves blood circulation and accelerates the healing process . It is ideal for prophylaxis during...

    7,99 € 9,99 €
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    In Stock

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