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Sports bras are designed for sports activities that could cause unwanted movement of the breasts . These bras are designed to provide more support and prevent injuries and discomfort during sports.

Three main types of sports bras:

Read how sports bras are divided by the type of support they provide:

  • Low Center Bras: These bras have a lower center that allows for more freedom of movement and is ideal for activities with less movement like yoga or pilates.
  • High Center Bras: This type of bra has a high center to prevent excessive breast movement and is suitable for activities that require more activity, such as running or aerobics.
  • Compression bras : These bras provide compression for the breasts and are suitable for sports activities that require more physical activity and movement.

Exercise bras

Sports bras can be made of different materials , such as polyester, spandex or nylon, which are breathable and provide comfort. Some sports bras have replaceable inserts that improve comfort and protection . When choosing a sports bra , it is important to consider the type of sport and the level of physical activity , so that the bra is able to provide adequate support and protection.

Why wear a sports bra?

There are several reasons why women should wear sports bras during physical activity:

  • Breast support : Sports bras provide more support and prevent excessive movement of the breasts, which reduces the risk of injury and helps maintain the shape of the breasts.
  • Comfort : Sports bras are made of materials that are breathable and ensure comfort during physical activity.
  • Increased performance : Breast movement during exercise can lead to discomfort and reduced performance. Sports bras reduce this movement and increase comfort and confidence during sports.
  • Back pain prevention : Excessive breast movement can lead to back pain. Sports bras provide support for the breasts and reduce the load on the back.
  • Prevention of breast deformation : Excessive movement of the breast during physical activity can lead to breast deformation. Sports bras prevent this movement and help maintain the shape of the breasts.

For this reason , it is important to choose the right type of sports bra that will provide adequate support and protection during a specific type of physical activity. You can read more in our blog A comfortable bra is the alpha and omega of your sports equipment .

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