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Armbands, cases and covers for mobile phones 

A mobile phone armband is an accessory that is used to keep a mobile phone on your hand during exercise or sports activities . It consists of an elastic band or cuff that wraps around the upper arm and a holder that holds the cell phone. This holder is usually attached to the cuff using Velcro or hook and loop fasteners. Armbands for mobile phones are made for different sizes of phones, which allows them to be used with different types of mobile phones.

Armband - helper during exercise

Due to the fact that they are designed for use during exercise and sports activities, mobile phone armbands are often made of elastic and breathable materials that allow the skin to breathe and prevent excessive sweating . Their other gadgets may include:

  • water resistance
  • reflectivity that increases their practicality for use in darker conditions

Mobile phone case for every sport

The use of a mobile phone armband prevents the loss or damage of the phone , which could occur if it were stored in a pocket or in another place. In addition, it allows users to easily access their phone . Cell phone cases are very popular among runners, cyclists, fitness enthusiasts and other athletes who need to have their phone with them to :

  • they could listen to music
  • track routes
  • monitor your performance

Applications for athletes

Mobile phones are also suitable for using popular applications. If you want to have an overview of those that can be helpful for athletes, you can read our blog Discover 12 useful apps for athletes .

Mobile phone armband (cases)


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