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Accessories for skis  > Length 150/164 cm

Skialp skis allow riders to ride great downhill, beautiful views and panoramas take your breath away. However, the skis do not go up by themselves. The output is facilitated by the so-called skins or climbing belts.

Don't forget skialp belts

Skialp belts are a very important accessory to skialp skis. Without them, it would simply not be possible to go uphill , or if it was, it would be with great effort. It is therefore necessary to have them during ski mountaineering and take proper care of them . For example:

  • regularly check their stickiness and renew it
  • do not leave them on skis outside at night

What are skialp belts made of

When moving up, the riser belts have a smooth surface, they seem to "go up" when going down and do not let the ski fall back, even thanks to your weight and pressure on the ski. In the past, they were made from seal skin, which is why they are also called seal belts. Today, they are most often made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials :

  • combination of mohair and nylon - suitable for beginners, they use the positive aspects of both materials
  • mohair - good glide, stability in all weathers, but they have a shorter lifespan and are not very suitable for icy surfaces
  • nylon - on the contrary, long life and good climbability, but almost no slip and are more difficult to use
Special discounts
  • Blizzard brand skialp belts. Climbing belts are an essential accessory for all ski alpinists. Their role is to enable easy uphill climbing. They are glued to the ski slide using Pomoca glue. Skialp sealing belts are attached to the skis at both ends. Skialp belts are made from a combination of natural and synthetic materials, which guarantees their...

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