Children's skates brand Fila Skates. Roller skates for children are easily adjustable. The frame of the inline skate consists of a durable one-piece construction, which is specially shaped from the inside to best suit the shape of your child's foot.

The inner material of the in-line skate is also soft and breathable. The ventilation holes located in the front and back of the skate wick away sweat and thus keep the feet dry throughout the ride. Thanks to the sophisticated fastening system, which combines lacing, a buckle and a Velcro strap, the roller skates for children hold firmly on the feet.

When buying children's skates, we recommend buying a spare brake . The brake is worn out by braking and therefore needs to be replaced. Wear depends on skating style, braking and frequency of skate use. Brake types change and it is possible that new models differ in technical specifications from older models. New types of brakes may not fit older types of skates.

Product details:

  • wheel size: 72 mm
  • wheel hardness: 82A
  • bearings: ABEC 5

  • syntetický materiál
SportIn-line skating
Material compositionsyntetický materiál
Interné číslo produktu010619147/5

dobra volba, dobre sa obuvaju, pekne idu

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Children's roller skates FILA SKATES-J-ONE BLACK/RED

Children's roller skates FILA SKATES-J-ONE BLACK/RED

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