Ski compression knee socks BLIZZARD Compress 85 ski socks, black/yellow



Blizzard brand ski knee socks. The Compress 85 model in black and green is characterized by a unique type of material and a fully elastic construction with a gradual change in pressure, which ensures a perfect fit on the leg. Polyamide and polypropylene fibers bring sweat away from the skin very quickly.

Compression knee socks are intended for the most demanding amateurs and professional skiers. They have good thermal insulation capabilities, dry quickly and are pleasant to the touch.

We recommend washing the socks before the first wear to strengthen them and support the functions of the material.

Used materials:

Polypropylene: Due to its high water repellency, strong thermal insulation ability and low weight, it is ideal for the production of functional sports clothing. Ensures quick transport of moisture and quick drying during sports activities.

Polyamide: This is a soft and durable microfiber that strengthens the structure of the entire knit, ensures its long-term durability and at the same time maintains a pleasant touch

Product Details:

  • compression knee socks
  • compression ensures:
    • improving blood flow
    • muscle support and reduction of unwanted vibrations
    • protection against muscle fiber damage
    • faster regeneration
  • good drainage of sweat from the skin
  • good thermal insulation capabilities
  • pleasant to the touch


  • 51% polypropylene, 23% polyamide, 22% polyester, 2% elastane, 2% polyurethane
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Ski compression knee socks BLIZZARD-Compress 85 ski socks, black/yellow

Ski compression knee socks BLIZZARD-Compress 85 ski socks, black/yellow

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