Children's rubber boots COQUI Rainy Talking Tom purple/fuchsia



Coqui children's rubber boots. Purple rubber boots with a nice design will brighten up any rainy day. The rubber boots for children are decorated on the side with the fairy-tale cat Angela. Rubber shoes for children are made of soft and light material that provides comfort when wearing. In addition, the material of the rubber bands is flexible, so it easily adapts to a child's foot.

The antibacterial properties of rubber shoes for children are also an advantage. Children's rubber shoes are easy to clean, which you will appreciate especially in bad weather. The sole of the Coqui rubbers is anti-slip and absorbs shocks well. Rubber boots for girls are suitable for wearing on the way to kindergarten, school or for walks in the city.

Product details:

  • rubber boots for children
  • nice and yet timeless look
  • durable material
  • flexible and soft, easily adaptable material
  • antibacterial properties
  • they are easy to clean
  • meet certified standards


CoquiFlex is manufactured using the most modern methods of high-pressure PVC injection into molds. The result is a much lighter and softer material than conventional molded PVC. It is also very flexible and adapts perfectly to your foot.

CoquiFlex complies with world testing and certification standards. Shoes made of this material are antibacterial, durable and easy to clean. It leaves no marks on the floors and is non-slip. Thanks to the softness of the sole, it absorbs shocks and thus protects tendons and joints with every step.

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Children's rubber boots COQUI-Rainy Talking Tom purple/fuchsia

Children's rubber boots COQUI-Rainy Talking Tom purple/fuchsia

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