Kayland women's footwear adapted to the ergonomics of a woman's foot. The Plume Micro Ws GTX model in gray is intended for three-season use. Hiking boots perfectly adapt to the terrain. Outdoor shoes have a reinforced heel and toe for better foot protection.

Trekking shoes have a Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort membrane for a higher level of protection and comfort. The reinforced toe and Vibram sole predestinate Kayland outdoor shoes for demanding hiking trails and "via ferrata" routes.

Product Details:

  • medium high cut
  • upper: suede 1.6-1.8 mm + textile
  • membrane: Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort
  • microporous midsole
  • reinforced heel and toe
  • reinforced ankle
  • practical lacing
  • weight: 490 g


  • upper: suede, textile
  • midsole: microporous
  • sole: Vibram Fourá


Vibram logo

GORE-TEX ® Extended Comfort membrane : a top solution for shoes that will move you at least one step ahead of your opponent. The shoes are made of extremely breathable and waterproof materials. In order to meet the demanding requirements, the individual components and the construction itself are perfectly coordinated. GORE-TEX ® Extended Comfort shoes are permanently waterproof, extremely breathable and will keep your feet dry and comfortable in any weather, even during strenuous physical activity.


  • permanently waterproof and breathable
  • optimal climatic comfort
  • to milder and warmer conditions
  • at more intense activity
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • without an insulating layer, so it does not retain heat
  • ideal for milder and warmer conditions and for more intense activity

Vibram® Fourá Evo sole is ideal for outdoor activities and hiking. The sole is equipped with wide self-cleaning grooves. It has a shaped heel for a higher level of safety and a reinforced anti-wear tip.

Shoe interior treatment:

EMPIRE -Fresh Express 200ml

Empire shoe care product that solves the smell of shoes



Active foam for effective cleaning of footwear and other leather products, textiles and mixed materials.



Impregnating spray for the protection of footwear, clothing and other products made of leather, textiles and synthetics. Provides long-term protection against moisture, dirt and sunlight.

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Women's high hiking shoes KAYLAND-Plume Micro Ws GTX grey

Women's high hiking shoes KAYLAND-Plume Micro Ws GTX grey

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