Kayland women's shoes. Cross Mountain GTX hiking boots guarantee that you will not wear other hiking boots! These mountain boots with menthol elements bring a new concept of comfort and performance and are located somewhere between climbing shoes and hiking shoes. Forest boots provide support and high performance in mixed terrain with mountain slopes, stones, snow and ice, they are an excellent compromise between low weight and technical properties. Climbing boots are also suitable for mountain guides or rescuers.

The ankle boots for the forest have a leather upper in combination with a breathable textile, they have anti-abrasion technology, Ankle Lock technology to protect and fix the ankle. Waterproof shoes for ladies have a Gore-tex ® membrane, which makes them waterproof and breathable at the same time. Comfort is guaranteed by a microporous midsole with a long service life and the ability to absorb shocks perfectly. The Vibram ® Mulaz Evo sole provides excellent grip even in very slippery terrain.

Product details:

  • Ankle higher cut
  • Classic lacing
  • Padded top hem and tongue
  • Reinforced heels and hips
  • Tip reinforced with rubber overlap
  • Ankle Lock technology
  • Anti-abrasion technology
  • Waterproof, membrane Gore-Tex @
  • Microporous midsole
  • Vibram ® Mulaz Evo sole
  • 5mm long protrusions on the sole
  • Weight: approx. 2x 565 g

  • Zvršok: Koža + textil
  • Stielka: Textil
  • Medzipodrážka: Mikroporézna pena
  • Podrážka: Vibram® Mulaz Evo


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GORE-TEX® - Gore-Tex® membrane contains more than 1.4 billion microscopic pores per cm2. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, but 7,000 times larger than a molecule of water vapor. Therefore, the Gore-Tex® membrane does not allow moisture from the outside environment, and at the same time it perfectly wicks away body sweat.

Ankle Lock system : It is an exclusive Kayland system that allows precise and secure closure of the ankle and at the same time guarantees the possibility of natural movement.

Vibram® Mulaz Evo : Medium sample depth for better grip and movement in rocky terrain. The sole is also ideal for combined terrain. At the tip there is an anti-slip zone for a better feeling on the rocks. The heel has excellent stability in the field.

Shoe interior treatment:

EMPIRE -Fresh Express 200ml

Empire shoe care product that solves the smell of shoes



Impregnating spray for the protection of footwear, clothing and other products made of leather, textiles and synthetics. Provides long-term protection against moisture, dirt and sunlight.

Material compositionZvršok: Koža + textil; Stielka: Textil; Medzipodrážka: Mikroporézna pena; Podrážka: Vibram® Mulaz Evo
Model lineKAYLAND-Cross Mountain
Interné číslo produktu018020015/8


S topánkamy som veľmi spokojná, na všetkých povrchoch držali -nešmýkalo sa. Sú na užšie chodidlo a veľkostne sú trochu menšie.

Jaroslav Žuffa

skvelé topánky

S topánkami sme spokojný, sú pevné dobre držia vyzerajú kvalitne.

Katarína Bačíková

Na prvé obutie pohodlné, noha pevná, ako má byť. Verím, že nesklamú ani v teréne. Pekne jemne pružia.

Women's hiking boots high KAYLAND-CROSS MOUNTAIN WS GTX GREY

Women's hiking boots high KAYLAND-CROSS MOUNTAIN WS GTX GREY

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