Women's winter high boots MOON BOOT Icon Vinile Met gold



Moon Boot women's shoes. Boots in gold color attract attention at first sight. If you want to be stylish, these women's boots are a must-have item that you cannot miss. With the help of the string in the upper part, you can adjust (pull down) the upper cuff as needed.

Women's downhill boots embody a new style and become fashionable footwear with a metallic finish. When fashion calls, MOON BOOT answers with a clear voice: comfortable and warm. Unique women's snowshoes in every way. The metallic vinyl collection looks stylish. You will experience a great winter with the Moon Boot.

The manufacturer does not recommend the use of impregnations, which may damage the surface material.

Product details:

  • stylish look
  • drawstring at the top
  • decorative cord around the entire perimeter
  • larger Moon boot lettering in the calf area
  • additional stitching on the side and on the heel
  • brand logo on the back
  • durable rubber sole
  • anti-slip sole

  • zvršok: nylon, syntetický materiál
  • vnútro: polyesterová textília
  • podrážka: guma


Shoe interior treatment:

EMPIRE -Fresh Express 200ml

Empire shoe care product that solves the smell of shoes

SportSport fashion
Material compositionzvršok: nylon, syntetický materiál; vnútro: polyesterová textília; podrážka: guma
Model lineMOON BOOT-Icon
Interné číslo produktu14021400003/6

Women's winter high boots MOON BOOT-Icon Vinile Met gold

Women's winter high boots MOON BOOT-Icon Vinile Met gold

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