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It is raining? Never mind! 5 tips on how to handle hiking in the rain

It is raining? Never mind! 5 tips on how to handle hiking in the rain

Tourism in itself is a beautiful sport and a pleasant pastime. Even more so if the weather is nice and you can enjoy beautiful views, enjoy the sun on your face and breathe fresh air. Sometimes, however, you can be caught by rain or a shower . And there are those who don't mind hiking in the rain. After all, they say that it's not bad weather, just a poorly dressed tourist .

The weather cannot be influenced

Even though we would like it sometimes, the weather cannot be controlled. So if you have a hike planned and you find that the sun has probably changed its mind, don't despair. Do not try to beat the natural elements, but appreciate everything that nature gives us. Rain is also important . Although his forecast usually spoils our plans and we perceive him negatively, if it didn't rain, we wouldn't survive...

The effect of rain on man

Even though the weather as such affects everyone differently, rain is usually perceived as negative or gloomy. Well, it's not like that everywhere.

  • in areas where it is scarce, rain is seen as magical and welcomed with joy
  • it has been a part of mythology and religions since time immemorial
  • it is well known that indigenous peoples perform rain dances and similar rituals are also found in African cultures

Rain affects our mood and behavior. Perhaps you too have caught yourself a few times watching the raindrops fall on the window or window sill. Among other things, rain also soothes, changes the smell of the air and celebrates life. Rain creates a feeling of comfort, peace and harmony . When it rains, everything seems to slow down for a moment, stop...

On the other hand, there are people who don't mind the rain at all. They enjoy the raindrops falling on their faces and enjoy it. It is said that whoever has not danced in the rain does not know what the real joy of being is. And what about hiking in the rain? 

hiking in the rain

Hiking in the rain has its charm!

In autumn or spring, it may happen that you sometimes have to climb the hiking trails even in the rain. With the right equipment for hiking, it will not be a problem. Be in harmony with nature and be inspired by our tips for a rainy tourist day.

1. It is good to know the different levels of protection against water

In order to be able to choose the right functional clothing, it is necessary to distinguish terms such as water resistant, water repellent, waterproof when buying it. These seemingly identical terms do not mean the same thing at all or the same protection against water and moisture.

  • water resistant means that the material has the ability to withstand a certain amount of moisture or water without destroying or damaging the material. However, the material is not completely waterproof. The material marked as "water resistant" resists short-term exposure to moisture or rain, but with prolonged or intensive exposure to water, the material allows moisture to pass through.  
  • water repellent - such a material has the ability to seem to repel water or prevent it from entering the material. Water does not stay on the surface of the material, but slides off it thanks to its surface tension. It is a suitable choice for short-term exposure to moisture and water, but may leak water under greater pressure or prolonged exposure.
  • waterproof - waterproof material is able to prevent water from entering the material even in extreme conditions. It is designed so that water does not penetrate through the material even after exposure to greater pressure or intensive action. It does not allow moisture to pass through and keeps the contents dry. 

What level of protection to choose?

The level of water protection you choose depends on the rainy conditions you will encounter. If you expect light showers during a short hike, even water resistant protection will suffice . A higher level of protection is water repellent, when moisture cannot easily penetrate the clothing material, water drops mostly run down.

What to wear on a really rainy day outside?

If you want to really enjoy a rainy day in nature, you need hiking clothes with the waterproof label . Even with it, the height of the water column is distinguished, the higher it is, the higher the protection against water. The primary function of a waterproof jacket and waterproof pants is to keep you completely dry . Water from the outside does not get inside and at the same time the moisture that your body produces inside the garment is released. Clothing should also be sufficiently breathable. The key is to strike the right balance between waterproofness and breathability for the conditions and activity you're going to be doing.

hiking in the rain

2. Use softshell or hardshell hiking clothing

Product developers and outdoor experts agree that these hiking jackets and hiking pants are the best choice for protection against rain, wind, and sun . Today there is already a large number of designs and cuts to choose from, which will provide you with the right protection under different conditions and in different weather.  Due to their sufficient breathability and ventilation, some are suitable, for example, for spring hiking, others you can use all year round. They are highly resistant to wear and extreme conditions. In addition, they also excel in technical details such as :

  • taped seams
  • waterproof zippers
  • adjustable cuffs
  • inner cuffs
  • adjustable ventilation
  • many practical pockets
  • reflective elements

3. Rain protection from head to toe

In rainy weather , it is important to protect your whole body . So let's go down the head step by step:

  • A rain hat with a wide brim all around, a cap or a hood, anything is better than nothing. The best is a combination of a cap and a hood, which will prevent the rain from falling directly on the face and behind the neck.
  • To keep your core warm, wear mid-layers that manage moisture well , such as a wool sweater or functional sweatshirt.
  • As a top layer , waterproof is best, for example a softshell jacket with a water column, depending on the conditions in which you will be moving.
  • The best waterproof hiking pants for the legs are also sufficiently breathable. Functional cuts do not hinder movement and ventilation holes allow air flow and removal of excess moisture.
  • And finally, waterproof hiking boots with a membrane and a firm sole keep your feet dry and stable. In warmer climates, you can also use shoes with a mesh upper or a combination of materials, because they dry faster.

Layering is also important, which will keep your body dry and at the same time allow the skin to breathe. Don't forget to pack spare dry clothes, including socks . Your future self will definitely thank you for it.

hiking in the rain

4. Know the environment where you are going to go hiking

It is necessary to know the terrain you are going to in the event of rain . This is because it can affect the environment with its power and cause you problems when conquering the terrain or fulfilling the goal of your journey. For example:

  • flash floods occur in valleys and canyons, so it is important to be aware of accessible high ground
  • in the forest, flooded streams and rivers with fast currents must be approached with great caution
  • if your plan included a peak with excellent views, consider an alternative in the rain, as fog and clouds may obstruct your view

5. Embrace a new experience

The right tourist is not deterred even by rain. Nature will get a different atmosphere and you will get a new perspective. If you are also a photography lover, photos in the rain will gain a whole new dimension. Well , it's perfectly fine to abandon your destination and turn back in rainy weather. Nothing should be overdone at the expense of your own safety or comfort. The rain is a benefit, but sometimes it's better to watch it from the window with a warm drink in hand. Smile - it's raining!

hiking in the rain

Whether you choose to see rain as a necessary evil, a play of nature, or science in action, the only certainty is that it comes and goes according to its own rules . It cannot be influenced and all you can do is accept it and welcome it with what it brings: life! Because nature is here and waiting, rain or shine.

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