Grisport women's shoes. Low-cut hiking boots impress with their modern design. Thanks to the soft insole, the trekking shoes are very comfortable. The soft padded tongue is also an advantage of trekking shoes. The upper of the outdoor shoe is a combination of suede and synthetic material for a higher level of durability and breathability. The toe and heel of the trekking shoes are reinforced with additional material to protect the foot.

The hiking boots have a Gritex membrane that ensures breathability. The Vibram sole will help you conquer different types of terrain. Sturdy outdoor shoes are suitable for light and moderately demanding hiking. Also ideal for casual wear to the city.

Product details:

  • modern outdoor look
  • quality materials
  • classic lacing
  • reinforced toe and heel of the shoe
  • additional material on the tip to protect the fingers
  • comfortable padding
  • soft insole
  • Gritex membrane for excellent breathability
  • durable Vibram sole
  • ideal for light tourism, trekking, walks in nature

  • zvršok: semiš, syntetický materiál
  • vnútro: textília
  • podrážka: Vibram


Vibram logo Gritex membrane - is a membrane based on polyester, which is placed in the shoe between the textile lining and the upper material. The use of the Gritex membrane preserves the shoes' natural breathability and prevents moisture from penetrating to a certain extent . Gritex is used for footwear designed for light and medium-sized hiking, ie it is not suitable for extreme or alpine conditions.

Vibram logo Vibram - manufacturer and brand of the most used rubber compound for the production of soles of various types of footwear. Provides high comfort when walking in difficult terrain. It creates ideal conditions for walking on a very wide range of surfaces - from asphalt to glaciers and sharp rocks.

Shoe interior treatment:

EMPIRE -Fresh Express 200ml

Empire shoe care product that solves the smell of shoes



Impregnating spray for the protection of footwear, clothing and other products made of leather, textiles and synthetics. Provides long-term protection against moisture, dirt and sunlight.

Material compositionzvršok: semiš, syntetický materiál; vnútro: textília; podrážka: Vibram
Interné číslo produktu12545 S6G/6


Spokojnosť, už mám tretie tejto značky.



Dámska turistická obuv nízka GRISPORT-Plati

Topánky ľahké, pohodlné, vhodné pre širšie chodidlá
jediné čo mi trocha prekáža je, že podrážka má dosť hlboké a široké ryhovanie a do rýh sa dostávajú kamienky rôznych veľkostí, ktoré sa tam zaseknú a veľmi ťažko ich odtiaľ dostať.


S topánkami Grisport Plati som veľmi spokojná. Kombinácia vibram podrážky a membrány splnilo cieľ. Je vhodný pre širšie chodidlá. Zdolaných už niekoľko km. Pripájam foto.

Katarina Nitsch

Women's hiking shoes low GRISPORT-Plati

Women's hiking shoes low GRISPORT-Plati

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