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Skipping rope SPOKEY QUICK SKIP leather ball bearings 300 cm

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Spokey skipping rope. The skipping rope is one of the most frequently used fitness equipment during training. If you want to improve your condition and strengthen the muscles of your entire body, get yourself a sports jump rope! This additionally has an adjustable natural leather cord. You can adjust its length according to your height. Another advantage is the foam ergonomic handles, which fit perfectly in the hand. When jumping rope, you will not only improve the coordination of your legs, but also strengthen the muscles around your ankles, which reduces the risk of injury. Jumping through the rope will teach you to breathe properly and, in addition, you will speed up your metabolism. This exercise will support the function of the heart and lungs.

The leather jump rope is also popular with professional boxers and athletes who use it to improve coordination and speed of leg movement. Depending on the pace and intensity of the exercise, skipping rope training can be aimed at slimming down, reducing body fat or building muscle mass and improving fitness. The leather rope is heavier compared to textile or plastic models, thanks to which it has a much faster rotation and engages more muscles in the movement, making it more challenging to exercise.

The skipping rope is equipped with a unique professional bearing system, thanks to which the cable does not get tangled during training and the exercise is so dynamic and efficient. Skipping rope with leather rope QUICK SKIP is an ideal choice for advanced users and for those who want a challenging, more intensive and complex training.

Product details:

  • leather jump rope
  • foam anti-slip handles fit perfectly in the hand
  • the unique bearing system ensures smooth and dynamic exercise
  • cord made of durable natural leather
  • adjustable cable length
  • to strengthen the muscles of the whole body
  • a heavier leather cord will allow more intense training
  • is an ideal choice for advanced users and for those who want a demanding, more complex training
  • cable length: 280 cm
  • wire diameter: 5 mm
  • length of handles: 15 cm

  • materiál rukovätí: PP, pena
  • materiál lanka: koža
Material compositionmateriál rukovätí: PP, pena; materiál lanka: koža
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Skipping rope SPOKEY-QUICK SKIP leather ball bearings 300 cm

Skipping rope SPOKEY-QUICK SKIP leather ball bearings 300 cm

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