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Delivery via Packet: always up-to-date, always fast, always reliable!

Delivery via Packet: always up-to-date, always fast, always reliable!

PPG Group, the operator of EXIsport, is always preparing something new, interesting and mutually beneficial for its customers and clients. It is no different even now, when in cooperation with the company Packeta , we have acquired 9000 delivery points and Z-BOXES in the territory of 4 states for our customers . Specifically, in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, EXIsport customers have the possibility of extremely fast and reliable delivery and collection of their shipment of sports and leisure equipment and clothing.


In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Packet services are available in all cities over 5,000. inhabitants and also in some smaller villages. The possibilities and advantages of delivering goods through delivery points and Z-BOXes are very wide.

Advantages of delivery of parcels to delivery points:

  • customers get cost-effective shipping of products (starting from EUR 3.99)
  • it is not necessary to report the exact time of collection of the shipment, just look at the opening hours of the delivery point
  • dates, transport times, delivery and pick-up times can be conveniently viewed by clients on the web or via mobile phone. EXIsport will send the customer an e-mail containing information about the delivery of the shipment
  • goods can easily be delivered to customers even outside the borders of the Slovak Republic
  • On a daily basis, Packeta updatesthe list of dispensing points , their opening hours, location, card payment option, capacity and other important information. All EXIsport stores are Packet outlets .

At the Packety point of sale, you can also pay by card for goods purchased in EXIsport.

Advantages of delivering shipments to Z-BOXes:

  • b proximity and availability: the widest network of self-service boxes in Slovakia
  • delivery within the next day: fast delivery within the second working day after the delivery of the shipment via the e-shop
  • Z-BOX is ECO - ecological transport and operation
  • non-stop operation: they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no waiting in line
  • sharing the shipment: you can share the data about your shipment via the application with another person who will pick up the shipment for you

You can be more than sure that the delivery of the purchased products will always be simple, clear, fast and comfortable. EXIsport has prepared a special page about Packet , where a simple and clear visualization explains the process from placing an order in the e-shop to the delivery of the shipment to the customer.

Parameters of the shipment that can be sent via Packet

Shipment parameters

Shipment tracking

You can track the shipment on the Packets page in the Tracking section.

Forwarding the shipment

We do not redirect shipments by default in order to avoid complications during their delivery (longer delivery time / loss...)

For this reason, the recipient cannot redirect the shipments in the application - it is always necessary for the recipient to contact us and request a change in a specific shipment by email to: .

Description of the process of delivering and picking up the shipment at the delivery point

Customers can understand the way they will use the Packety system and use it effectively very quickly. You can have the shipment delivered to thousands of delivery points throughout Slovakia and abroad. The password for receiving the shipment will be delivered to the customer via SMS or the Packet mobile application, where he always has it at his disposal.

After delivery of the shipment at the delivery point chosen by the customer, the customer will receive an SMS or email with password. From this moment on, the customer can pick it up at any time within 7 days. However, for faster processing of shipments during the season, the storage time at the delivery points is reduced to 5 business days. Customers can pick up the shipment at any time after receiving the password, or they can send someone to pick it up in their place. They don't even have to show their identity card (unless the e-shop requires it directly), you just need to know the password.

If you just don't have time during the week, it's not a serious problem. The customer can simply send a return SMS and the collection period will be extended for free up to 21 days. Through the mobile application, the customer can also track his shipment in real time, or extend its storage period. During the season (from 1 November to 21 December), however, it is shortened to 5 days with the possibility of extending it by max. 2 days.

You can pay cash on delivery in cash or by credit card.

Collection of the shipment from the Z-BOX

Z-BOXes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Come here for a shipment, for example, even at night, quickly and without waiting. With Z-BOX, all you have to do is turn on the Packeta, GPS and bluetooth application on your mobile phone, and the mailbox will open automatically and the shipment is yours.

Packeta Domov - the new service delivers with minute accuracy

The Packeta company has expanded its range of services to include home delivery or delivery to an address . From now on, you can also choose the Packeta Domov service among the shipping methods when ordering.

Packet Home delivery In addition, Packeta is the first to come with a one-minute delivery service. From now on, no more long waiting for the courier! You know and see exactly where the shipment is and when it will be delivered.

The packet is also delivered to the address

What advantages do you get with delivery to an address with Packet?

  • Minute delivery time

No more waiting all day for the courier. Thanks to the online tracking of the courier, you will know the estimated time when the shipment will be delivered to you.

  • Next day delivery

We deliver 99% of shipments to addresses within Slovakia by the second working day.

  • Card payment directly at each courier

You can pay in three ways - in cash, through an online payment gateway or by card through a terminal.

  • Redirection to the delivery point

If you are not at the address, after agreement with the courier, the shipment will be stored at the nearest delivery point.

  • Without proof of identity

A PIN or QR code is enough to receive the shipment. Anyone you ask can pick up the shipment from the courier .

Our customers deserve to know about all the news and possibilities that our company brings to them in cooperation with its business partners. The implementation of a new, affordable and efficient way to transport parcels improves client service and customer satisfaction . Our customers like to choose modern and high-quality sports and leisure products inour e-shop , therefore it is very important for us to inform you about all the possibilities of fast and reliable transport and delivery of the ordered goods.

Author: Ingrida Vravcová

© Copyright reserved.

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