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Do you know what engine our Amulet electric bikes have? The latest Bafang M410 - the best ratio of performance and price!

Do you know what engine our Amulet electric bikes have? The latest Bafang M410 - the best ratio of performance and price!

Amulet electric bikes are stingers on the road. Those who haven't tried won't believe. They have an excellent quality-price ratio, which is certainly helped by their Bafang M410 engine. If you are interested in news from the world of electric bicycles, or electronics and technology, read on.

Bafang engines

Bafang brand

The Bafang brand is already well-known in the world of electric bicycles. The headquarters of the company is located in Suzhou, China, near Shanghai, and it is also represented elsewhere in the world:

  • USA
  • Taiwan
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • Poland - he newly opened factory focuses on the production of medium engine systems for European markets

It is one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components and complete e-drive systems. It has been developing solutions for electric vehicles since 2003. It introduces the principles of European industrial design into production and focuses on all global e-mobility trends of the future:

  • electric bicycles
  • electric scooters
  • public bike sharing schemes

Bafang drive systems

Bafang products convince with the highest quality with the best flexibility. The company offers different drive systems for different applications to always provide the user with the best driving experience.

"Bafang's goal is to produce innovative and high-quality products for our customers that make a tangible contribution to their riding comfort. Our employees are dedicated to this goal. We accept every challenge and strive to develop new breakthrough products that set new standards."

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Qinghua Wang

Bafang motors

Quality in the first place

When developing and manufacturing Bafang products, great emphasis is always placed on their reliability, quality and longevity. The manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified and the products are RoHS compliant and CE marked.

  • the quality of all components is controlled and ensured by continuous control and testing procedures
  • the production process is accompanied by constant quality control and all components are carefully tested during production
  • thanks to many years of experience and new technologies, the components are constantly improved and further developed with regard to quality, reliability, durability and safety
Bafang motors

Bafang motors

Bafang motors are high performance. They provide a satisfying transition whether you're climbing or descending. They will simply put a smile on your face and no hill will stop you. Bafang drive systems are also quiet and allow you to enjoy peace and quiet on the road or in nature.

Their main advantage is certainly a lower price compared to similar well-known engines. So if you're looking for high performance and a good quality-price ratio, Bafang motors definitely win. The maintenance and reliability of the engines is at a high level, so you don't have to worry about these engines not working correctly.

Our offer includes Amulet electric bicycles with Bafang motors. Specifically, it is the M410 engine, which is described as a versatile all-rounder among engines with an excellent quality-price ratio. Together with the Samsung battery, they will provide you with a range of up to 150 km.

Bafang M410 - characteristics

  • It is Bafang's most powerful M410 all-rounder. It is based on the previous M400 model, but compared to it, it is 500g lighter, which is certainly not to be thrown away.
  • The powerful and efficient central motor offers strong support where it is needed, thanks to its reliable power of 250 W and torque of 80 Nm. It is the right choice for electric mountain bikes, for example. It will take your "sting" out of every climb. It has IP X6, CE / EN 14766 / ROHS certificates.
  • The M410, like all Bafang drive systems, shines with a smooth start and supports the rider with strong acceleration. The powerful and quiet engine ensures a pleasant smooth ride and thus driving stability.
  • In terms of technical aspects, the M410 is fully integrated into certain transmission systems (eg Enviolo) and has an identical connection interface in line with the already known mid-mounted M500, M510 and M600 engines.
  • Since the power interface of the M410 motor is designed for bottom batteries, the fully integrable BT F16.630.C (630Wh) battery system offers an ideal option as a power source.
Bafang motors


Position – mid engine

Wheel diameter - 20-29 inches

Voltage – 36 / 43 / 48 Vdc

Power – 250W

Speed limit – 25/32 Km/h

Maximum effective torque – 80Nm

Weight – 3.4 kg

You can find more technical specifications about the engine HERE.

Bafang engines
elektric bikes Amulet
ebikes Amulet

Our customer reviews are more than our words  

See also our reviews of electric bicycles, which speak for themselves. Our customers have positive experiences with them and recommend them further. Don't you believe? Read reviews for the Amulet eRival 29 4.0 model, for example.

An independent test of the Amulet eRival 29 e-bike can also help you make a decision, which described it as a "universal mountain e-bike that can handle regular outings in the forest in undemanding terrain and is suitable for devouring kilometers in the country".

electric bikes Amulet reviews

We try to choose the best for you in our product range. We emphasize quality and reliability. We know that price also plays an important role for many of you. Our products are therefore in an excellent price-quality ratio, including the Amulet electrobickle with Bafang motors.

Author: Katarína Bačíková


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