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How to properly impregnate shoes?

How to properly impregnate shoes?

Footwear has many functions for a person. First of all, it protects our feet from moisture, winter and cold, strengthens the foot in difficult terrain or complements our overall outfit and style. In order for your favorite trekking shoes, branded sneakers or winter boots to last as long as possible, you should take proper care of them. Do you know how to properly impregnate shoes?

Impregnation - basic shoe care

It is not enough to just wash the shoes from dirt and put them in the closet. Depending on the material from which the shoes are made, it is necessary to impregnate them from time to time. Hiking boots before every use, sneakers for everyday wear once every few months and winter boots definitely before the season. Shoe impregnation is an important process because:

  • helps protect shoes from water and moisture
  • prevents dirt from entering the inside of the shoes, or into the structure of the material
  • also protects shoes from damage
  • extends its overall life
how to impregnate shoes and footwear

Advantages of impregnation

There are several reasons why you should take care of your shoes. You can read the most important reasons for treating shoes with special products below:

  • Protection against dirt and stains: Impregnated shoes are less prone to absorb dirt, grease and other impurities. The protective layer prevents the penetration of these substances into the structure of the shoe material and keeps them cleaner.
  • Extending the life of the shoes: Impregnation helps to protect the material of the shoes from damage caused by moisture and dirt. Prevents the appearance of stains, unnatural coloring or corrosion on metal parts. The shoes are in good condition and their lifespan is being extended.
  • Improving breathability: Some impregnation agents are designed to maintain the breathability of the material. This means that impregnated footwear retains the ability to wick moisture from the inside out. It contributes to comfort during wearing and prevention of unpleasant odors.
  • Universal use: Impregnation is not limited to certain types of footwear. You can use it on leather, textile, suede and other types of footwear. You can apply impregnation to shoes, sneakers, boots and more.
  • Simple application: Most impregnation products are very easy to use. In most cases, it is enough to spray or apply an impregnation agent on the surface of the shoes and let it dry. Some products can also be applied with a brush or cloth. This means that you can easily impregnate your shoes yourself at home.

Do not be afraid to impregnate

You can impregnate, or you should also have shoes that already have a membrane in them. Whether it is a Gore-Tex membrane or some other, these layers will weaken over time, use and the influence of the external environment. With the right preparation, the effect of the weather-resistant protective film will be enhanced.

What shoes to impregnate?

So, if you want to enjoy your favorite shoes as long as possible, not spend every season on new ones, start with impregnation. It is not only suitable for hiking shoes as protection against rain, but is also suitable for sneakers or shoes that we wear every day to work or school. Since it creates a kind of protective film on the shoe, dirt will not stay on them and they will look like new for longer. And what kind of shoes is impregnation suitable for? For almost every type of shoe:

  • winter boots
  • leather shoes
  • walking shoes in the transition period, when rainy days occur more often
how to impregnate shoes and footwear

EXI tip: Before impregnating, especially hiking boots, don't forget to pull up the shoelaces so that the impregnation gets into every fold. Also pay attention to the folds in the area of the tongue.

What impregnation products are there?

Today on the market you can find many preparations for treating shoes. Depending on the material of the shoes, or your own preference, you can choose:

  • spray
  • wax
  • solution
  • cream
  • possibly fat

EXI tip: In addition to impregnation preparations, you can also use various sprays with an antibacterial or anti-odor effect that are applied to the inside of the shoes.

How to proceed with impregnation?

It is best to impregnate the shoes before the first use. For the next impregnation, you can continue according to these basic steps.

1. Prepare the shoes you want to treat - remove coarse residues of dirt, dust and mud with a damp cloth or a soft brush. They could prevent the product from penetrating the shoe material and the impregnation would be ineffective. Allow the cleaned shoes to dry properly.

2. Choose a suitable care product - you will find many different products on the market, depending on the material from which the shoes are made. Some are universal, i.e. intended for all materials, some are, on the contrary, precisely defined. For example, impregnation agents for all-leather shoes. It is therefore important to choose the right one for the given type of footwear.

3. Apply the product - follow the instructions for use with each treatment product. In general, the preparation must be applied evenly to the entire shoe. If you prefer the preparation in the form of a spray, apply the preparation to the shoes in a continuous movement from a distance of about 20-30 cm. Then wait until the preparation is absorbed into the material. Wipe the drops that remain on the surface even after a while with a clean cloth. For cream or wax, which are mostly used for all-leather shoes, apply the product to the shoes and, if necessary, polish them. It is best to apply the preparations with an open window or in ventilated areas.

4. Repeat the application - with some products, you may have to repeat their application. It depends on the type of product and the shoes being treated. Allow each layer to be properly absorbed or dry. Again, follow the instructions for use on the packaging.

5. Let the shoes dry - do not use the treated shoes until the preparation has been completely absorbed and dried. Sometimes you have to wait several hours, so think about it in advance. It is best to apply the impregnation layer in the evening or the day before the planned wearing of the shoes.

6. Repeat the impregnation - the impregnation of the shoes should be repeated after a few months again in order to maintain its properties on the shoes. You can also apply care products after each use if the shoes have been exposed to extreme conditions. These are, for example, hiking boots. So the frequency depends on how often and in what environment you wear the shoes.

how to impregnate shoes and footwear

If you follow the mentioned steps, you should be able to successfully impregnate your shoes and protect them from damage, moisture and dirt. The result will be a long service life of your favorite shoes, which will last you several seasons.

Author: Katarína Bačíková

© Copyright

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