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Juraj Slafkovský regenerates with Blackmud: You too can try the positive effects of sea lye!

Juraj Slafkovský regenerates with Blackmud: You too can try the positive effects of sea lye!

After proper sports performance or mental stress, our body needs to regenerate . He needs to regain his lost strength and balance. Even Juraj Slafkovský, our successful hockey player and NHL draft pick from 2022, knows this. He chose Blackmud brand products with sea lye as a natural source of magnesium for his regeneration . After months of use, a proposal for cooperation came, the result of which is the very edition of Juraj Slafkovský products . Why and how the Blackmud brand was created and how it worked with Juraj, we spoke with the founder of this brand, Mgr. Monika Spolníková.

You are a relatively young brand, you were founded at the turn of 2021/2022. How and why did you come up with the idea for cosmetics with sea lye?

The idea to start my own brand came unexpectedly during a vacation in Bulgaria, where I tried the effects of sea mud and sea lye for the first time . I felt the effects on myself and I was so enchanted by the knowledge about the effects on health that I felt the need to bring these health benefits to Slovakia as well. I have always been inclined to take care of my health and body. I completed a massage course for classic massage under the guarantee of the Red Cross. All my jobs have shaped me and led me to the establishment of my own brand, where I can fully utilize experience from various fields.

natural cosmetics Blackmud


What was your first product?

Just sea mud and sea lye.

Most people probably don't know what sea lye is. Can you tell us something more about him? How is it created, what is it used for and why is it so good?

Sea lye is concentrated seawater that is created by the evaporation of seawater in natural salt lakes in Bulgaria, where the salinity is naturally higher (due to evaporation) than in the sea. All health-promoting substances in the sea are leached in it, as well as substances released from the fertile Bulgarian black earth. Sea lye is rich in organic and mineral composition. It helps with :

  • diseases of the locomotor system
  • rheumatic and neurological diseases
  • for joint and muscle pain
  • arthritis, arthrosis, post-traumatic conditions, skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, eczema, mycosis, dandruff)
  • for colds and inflammations of the upper respiratory tract
  • for inflammations in the oral cavity, periodontitis, aphthae, inflammation of the gums
  • for problems with hemorrhoids
  • with problems of the reproductive system
Blackmud natural cosmetics

Does it also have any negative effects that need to be known about before use?

Pregnant women should consult their doctor about the use of sea lye . You have to be careful about getting into the eyes, open wounds and keep out of the reach of children , precisely because of the high salinity.

What is the difference between sea lye and sea mud in terms of their effects on the skin?

They have very similar effects. The difference is mainly in the procedures and the application itself. In addition, sea mud also has the effect of increasing skin temperature and blood circulation. For this reason , patients with cardiovascular diseases should consult their doctor about the use of mud . Unlike sea lye, sea mud also contains green clay and thanks to it, it has a significant peeling effect .

People are certainly familiar with cosmetics from the Dead Sea. How is yours from the Black Sea different, better and unique?

I have always been close to cosmetics from the Dead Sea, I have completed several stays, either in Jordan or Israel. Since I knew the effects of the mud from the Dead Sea, I could judge the difference on my own body. Products from the Black Sea are richer in organic substances due to the varied flora and fauna that is absent from the Dead Sea . Products with sea lye are unique here in Slovakia .

Pridona kozmetika Blackmud

For whom is this natural cosmetics primarily intended?

For everyone . Either to solve existing problems, but also as prevention. Thanks to the high content of natural minerals, especially magnesium, the use of products with sea lye is also great relaxation and strengthens the immune system. Magnesium affects more than 300 processes in the human body and is irreplaceable. Patients can also enjoy the healing and relaxing effects in several Slovak spas.

Why did you choose ice hockey player Juraj Slafkovský to collaborate with your brand?

From the very beginning, due to the regenerative effects, I had the idea of connecting the Blackmud brand with a well-known athlete. At that time, I had no idea that it could be Juraj Slafkovský. I had the opportunity to deliver regeneration products to the hockey camp of the U20 national team in Košice, in which Juraj Slafkovský also participated. I received positive feedback. Over time, as Juraj continued to use our products, cooperation took place.

Natural cosmetics Blackmud Juraj Slafkovsky
Natural cosmetics Blackmud Juraj Slafkovsky


How did you cooperate with him? Was he actively involved in the selection of his products?

Juraj used our products for several months. At that time, we had not yet considered cooperation. I presented my proposal to Juraj, we mutually approved things. The selection of products, fragrance and design was consulted with Juraj . Juraj is a very busy athlete who is primarily focused on hockey, preparation and performance, and that's right. So I tried to burden him as little as possible with the process, but important things were always consulted with him and it was a pleasant experience for me as well.

Natural cosmetics Blackmud Juraj Slafkovsky
Natural cosmetics Blackmud Juraj Slafkovsky

What other athletes would you recommend your products to?

Certainly to everyone.

Are any products tested on animals?


Where does research and development take place and where are products manufactured?

In Bulgaria.

Do you personally supervise the production?

All products are certified on the central EU portal and the conditions of this certification ensure that the products are safe and suitable for use. Of course, I also supervise all processes.

How do you choose what kind of product goes into production? According to what fragrances and perfumes?

I am always looking for products with the maximum positive effect for customers, and I gradually introduce them to the market accordingly. In the beginning, there were only sea mud and sea lye, these are our main products so far, but gradually other areas with a focus on body care were added. It is always a combination of effect and pleasant application. Mostly, customers appreciate the unusualness of the scents . It is for this reason that we have, for example, massage oil in four different scents:

  • natural
  • lavender
  • arnica
  • pine tree
Blackmud natural cosmetics

How did the idea to reach out to us, EXIsport, come about, and why?

The main reason was the idea of connecting sports and regeneration . At the same time, I perceived that EXIsport did not have such products in its portfolio. I have been following Mr. Val (executive director of PPG Group s.r.o., which operates EXIsport) on LinkedIn for a long time, where I am also active and that is where I contacted him for the first time. Last but not least, I am a Košice local patriot and EXIsport, like Blackmud, is a Košice company.

What is your favorite product and why?

I use all of our products, but I have two favorites. It's a sea mud mask because of its effects on the skin, but I also love a regenerating bath with sea lye .

Are you planning any news in the near future that you can tell us about?

We are preparing an anti-cellulite line of three products that work independently, but together they create a synergistic effect. These products will be intended for home care, but will also be used in spas and wellness centers.

Do you want to add something else in the end, what do you think is important for your customers to know?

I see it as my mission to bring the healing effects of sea mud and sea lye, and I am glad that thanks to EXIsport I am able to fulfill it gradually.

Natural cosmetics Blackmud Juraj Slafkovský

Thank you for the interview and I wish you many satisfied customers and new ideas.

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