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How to run longer and faster: 7 tips that will help you

How to run longer and faster: 7 tips that will help you

If you've been running relatively short distances, you may want to switch to running longer distances, running faster, or both. The good news is that you don't have to join a running team to become a true runner. You just need focused training and self-discipline. Whether you're new to running or have more experience, here are seven training tips that can help.

Increase your running distance week by week

The best way to increase your running distance is to gradually increase your weekly mileage. The easiest way to do this is to create a progressive training plan.

  •        How far do you want to run?
  •        How fast do you want to run the distance?

Once you have your goals, you can decide when you want to achieve them. A goal is just a dream until you put a date on it.

  • Break down your plan between where you are now and where you want to be by your target date into weekly or bi-weekly milestones.
  • These will be short or medium term goals that you want to achieve.
  • Then divide the activity into training days and rest days.

 This process takes time. Break it down into a series of steps you can take to get there. If you're new to training, talk to a personal trainer or someone with more experience. They can help you set goals and schedule.

Focus on core strength

When you run, your core muscles work to keep your body stable. Your core plays a key role in stabilizing your spine and supporting it during running . People often overlook core muscles. If your core muscles aren't strong, you can't expect to run in good form, especially when you're tired.

If you want to build stronger muscles, you should focus on exercises that focus on the trunk of your body, the area from the chest to the hips, and especially on the abdomen and back .

You can find effective exercises for the chest and torso in the core exercises blog.

Running and Exercise

Listen to your body

If you're on a mission to run faster and farther, you need to listen to your body . Don't be limited by general rules. For example, you can read on the Internet that you should not increase the distance by more than 10 percent per week. This tip was created to help new runners avoid injury.

If you feel strong, healthy and able to progress faster than expected, don't limit yourself. But also take care of rest and recovery from running. If you want to progress and chart your own path, try to run full speed.


EXIsport tip:

Running shoes are an important part of running equipment. The right choice of running shoes can help you improve your performance. Asics running shoes help you achieve your running goals. Men's and women's running shoes have technologies whose role is:

  •        excellent suspension
  •        maximum shock absorption for running
  •        great traction
  •        reducing leg fatigue


Listen to music

According to scientists from Brunel University in England, listening to music can help you run longer and faster.

  • Their study showed that runners who listened to music while exercising maintained a consistent pace for a longer period of time compared to those who did not listen to music.
  • The study also found that runners who listened to music increased their pace even when they were tired.
  • The right playlist can be the difference between a slow, strenuous run and a dynamic, motivated run.

 Upbeat music with a fast tempo is best. Research suggests that music with 120 to 130 beats per minute is best for fast, powerful running . But keep your playlist in mind – different songs have different effects on our mood and energy levels.

 You can also use different music when you focus on different training goals.

  • For example, if you need to focus more on your running technique and form, you can try a slower tempo playlist.
  • As you work on stride length and strength, you'll want to increase your beats per minute.

Improve your breathing

What is the easiest way to get more oxygen into the lungs? Simple answer: belly breathing.

Belly breathing is a breathing technique that allows you to take in more air per breath by engaging the diaphragm and creating more space in the chest cavity. Diaphragmatic breathing can oxygenate your blood and muscles more effectively. This breathing technique will improve your endurance and make the transition from walking to jogging much less intimidating.

 Practice abdominal breathing by lying on your back, inhaling deeply through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Then try it while sitting. You can learn this breathing technique as a separate skill and then transfer it to running.

Make rest and recovery a priority

If you want to run fast, you should work on your strength and speed . However, in order to achieve results, your body needs muscle growth . When you do hard training, your muscles create microscopic tears. Your body responds by growing stronger muscle fibers. Without a recovery period, your body cannot go through this recovery process. Overtraining puts strain on tendons, joints and muscles. Rest days help your body recover and reduce the chance of injury.

Tips for a productive rest:

  • Take a bath or treat yourself to a massage
  • Hydration should be part of rest
  • Eat healthy to replenish depleted nutrient stores
  • Mental rest is also important

EXIsport tip:

Regenerate like Juraj Slafkovsky and use Blackmud cosmetics, which have anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, it nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Running equipment

Think positive and focus on the goal

When your legs are heavy and you have trouble breathing, it is your will and mental reserves that give you the courage to reach your goal. Sometimes you have to make a mental decision and push through.

You have to believe that you can run faster. You must see yourself running faster. Positivity cannot guarantee success, but negativity can guarantee failure . Some of the tools that can help you develop your mental strength:

Running clothes and running shoes

Are you ready to improve your running?

If you want to run further and faster, you need to train, recover well and develop your mental toughness. Those who manage to run longer and faster are those for whom training is a priority. Make the decision that you are committed to your goals and schedule.

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