Winter hat BLIZZARD Dragon CAP black/red M



Blizzard brand winter hat, which you can use during frosty days on the slopes or when walking around the city. Thanks to the Polycolon lining, the cap is pleasant and warm. This lining is also antibacterial.

The cap has large Blizzard inscriptions all around.

Product Details:

  • pleasant material
  • Polycolon lining
  • color: black/grey/red
  • Blizzard lettering all around


  • 50% wool, 50% acrylic

Polycolon technology:

  • Polycolon-polypropylene fibers stand out for their absolute water resistance, strong thermal insulation ability and low weight. By its properties, polypropylene surpasses any other synthetic fiber, including polyester, which is heavier and its surface is not hydrophobic - it absorbs water.
  • Polycolon is a polypropylene fiber from the Schoeller company, which is the European leader in the field of synthetic fibers. Compared to other polypropylene fibers, Polycolon stands out for its softness and limited tearing.
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Lívia Lošonská

Lukáš Vargačík

Ján Krnáč

Winter hat BLIZZARD-Dragon CAP black/red M

Winter hat BLIZZARD-Dragon CAP black/red M

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