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Ski goggles, SLR cameras

Ski goggles, SLR cameras, swimming goggles  > Sport Skiing

Ski goggles, SLRs, and swimming goggles are specially designed types of goggles that are used for sports activities such as skiing, swimming, or other activities . These glasses have various features that enable them to perform their task effectively and protect the eyes from various types of hazardous conditions.

Ski goggles

Ski goggles belong together with a ski helmet to ski equipment. They are usually designed to provide protection against:

  • sunlight
  • by the wind
  • snow
  • and other weather elements that could damage the eyes while skiing or snowboarding

Many have different interchangeable glass lenses that allow them to adapt to changing light conditions and improve contrast and brightness so skiers can see clearly on the hill. Ski goggles are often scratch-resistant and have an anti-fog coating that prevents fogging of the lenses due to body heat. In our offer you can find, for example, ski goggles Red Bull Spect , Bolle or Blizzard.

SLR glasses

Spectacles are special types of glasses that have mirrored glass that reflects light. This glass can protect the eyes from strong sunlight that could damage the eyes while also reducing glare on the glass so the wearer can see clearly. Mirrors are usually used for outdoor activities such as:

  • riding a bike
  • running
  • water sports

Many of them also have polarized lenses that reduce the reflection of light from the water surface or snow .

Swimming goggles

Swimming goggles are intended for use while swimming and prevent water from entering the eyes. These swimming goggles have a shape that conforms to the shape of the face and around the eyes and are usually made of some type of plastic material that resists water and chlorine. Many of them also have an anti-fog treatment , which prevents fogging of the glasses and improves vision under water.

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