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The Vans brand was founded in 1966 and its father is a man named Paul Van Doren. He was born in 1930. He started working at the Randy's factory in Boston, where shoes were made. Although Paul first washed the floor there, he gradually worked his way up to the position of executive vice president of this company.

How was the new brand created?

Later he founded his own brand. It was called the Van Doren Rubber Company, and he went into it with his brother, partner Gordon, and a Belgian friend, Serg, whom he had met in Japan supplying shoe uppers.

At that time, there were only three factories that produced shoes with vulcanized soles:

• Converse

• When with

• Randy's

And in 1966, the company Vans joined them.

Bestseller among Vans sneakers - Vans old skool

The brand began to gain popularity very quickly, the first sales points outside of Anaheim arrived. In 1976 came the Vans Old Skool sneaker model, which had, and still has, brushed leather on the toe and heel instead of canvas, as well as thick volcanic soles. Today the name Old skool is synonymous with skate style.

Vans sneakers are still an icon today

Vans sneakers have not lost their style even after years. They are still popular boots not only among teenagers. The most characteristic pattern of the Vans brand is the white - black checkerboard pattern.

Trendy Vans clothing

If you like Vans sneakers, you will certainly enjoy Vans clothing . Complement trendy Vans t-shirts with Vans sweatshirts.

Are you interested in the story of the global Vans brand? Read Vans sneakers and Vans backpack have been icons for several decades: what is their secret?

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