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How to measure your glasses size

How to measure your glasses size

Eyeglasses were invented by the Italian monk Salvino Armati around 1287. A century later in Venice, the guild of glass and crystal manufacturers and processors began producing eyeglass lenses. Thanks to this, the glasses spread throughout Europe . It is said that glasses, as well as printing , contributed to the development of education.

Glasses come in different sizes. The shape and size of the glasses are created by the width of the glasses, the height and width of the eye socket. The dimensions of the eye socket are given in millimeters and are the inner width and height of the eye socket.

How to measure the width of glasses

You can determine the overall width of the glasses by measuring the top front part of the glasses. It is best to place the glasses in front of you on a flat surface and measure the width of the glasses with a tape measure or ruler.

How to measure the length of the side

The sideband is the part of the glasses that goes behind the ear. Its length is given in millimeters. Measure the sidewall by first placing the glasses on the table. Then use a ruler to measure the total length of the sidewall, including the curvature.

How to measure the height of the eye socket

The height of the eyeball is always measured in the center of the lens. It is still necessary to measure the inner height of the orbit.

How to measure the width of a beam

The frame of the glasses should be neither narrow nor wide. Thanks to the beam, the glasses "fit" well on the nose. Measure the beam in the narrowest part from the inside.

Glasses are a very useful companion and accompany some people all their lives. When choosing glasses, we should pay attention to the dimensions and also to the quality, because we do not skimp on health. Glasses can also be a very nice fashion accessory. People who like to present their refined taste have several stylish glasses of different shapes and colors.

Author: Ingrida Vravcová

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