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The LONGUS brand for bicycle components began to write its history in 2004, when the first components with the LONGUS logo were introduced to the Slovak market. Since its launch, the brand has seen a large increase in sales and is currently sold in more than 300 cycling stores in Slovakia.

Popular brand also thanks to the wide range of assortment

The popularity of the brand is developing not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. LONGUS components are expanding on the European market very quickly mainly due to the excellent price/quality ratio. The entire Longus range includes everything necessary for a bicycle and cyclist.

Top quality cycling accessories

The offer includes small spare parts such as cables, brake rubbers and spokes, but also quality bicycle accessories such as:

• fenders

• bicycle stem

• bicycle handlebars


bicycle saddle 

The product portfolio also includes:

pump and bicycle

bicycle lock

bicycle bags

• bicycle light

Subsidy for an electric bicycle

Are you considering buying an electric bicycle ? In EXIsport, you have nothing to hesitate! Come and get a subsidy for an electric bicycle , which can be up to €260.

Top seller
Wireless headphones
Brake disc for a bicycle 200 mm
Chip tunning; speed increase
Boy's jacket
Boys' ankle hiking boots
Boys fleece sweatshirt with zipper
Boy's hood
Boy's ski jacket
Boys' ski fleece jacket
Boy's hooded sweatshirt
Boy's sweatshirt with zipper
Boys' low hiking shoes
Boys' water shoes
Boy's cap
Boys sports kit
Boys tracksuit
Boys training sweatshirt with zipper
Boys training kit
Boy's hiking sweatshirt with a hood
Boy's hiking sweatshirt with zipper
Boy's hiking softshell jacket
Boy's vest
Boys' walking shoes
Boys' insulated ski jacket with 1/2 zip
Boys' insulated hooded sweatshirt
Boys' insulated training sweatshirt with zip
Boy's winter hat
Boys' medium winter shoes
Boys ankle winter boots
Boys' cycling gloves
Indoor football boots for boys
Boys' outdoor football boots
Boys' turf football boots
Boys' rubber boots
Boys' hockey skates
Boys' roller skates
Boys' shorts
Boys' crocs (recreational footwear)
Boys' ice skates
Boys' leggings
Boys' ski pants
Boys' low winter boots
Boys' pants
Boys' pants 3/4
Boys swimming boxers
Boys swimming goggles and cap
Boys' swimming trunks
Boys knee socks
Boys socks
Boys gloves
Boys' inline skate socks
Boys' sandals
Boys' flip-flops (beach shoes)
Boys' tracksuit shorts
Boys' sweatpants
Boys' thermal pants
Boy's thermal T-shirt with long sleeves
Boys thermal underwear top and bottom
Boys training shorts
Boys' training pants
Boys training shirt with short sleeves
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Boys swimming shirt
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Boy's T-shirt with short sleeves
Boys' hiking pants
Boys' hiking socks
Boys' hiking socks
Boy's hiking repellent socks
Boy's short-sleeved tourist t-shirt
Boys high winter boots
Boys' insulated sweatpants
Boy's backpack
Boy's bike
Boys' diving/snorkeling set
Boy's ski jacket and pants set
Boy's winter overall
Cycling jacket
Cycling cap
Cycling helmet
Cycling pump
Cycling vest
Cycling socks
Cycling gloves
Cycling shoes
Cycling jersey with long sleeves
Cycling jersey with short sleeves
Cycling hydro bag
Cycle backpack with preparation for a water tank
Cycle computer
A cap
Shoe cleaning kit
Cleaning product
Bicycle chain cleaner
Full leather ankle hiking boots
Ankle hiking boots
Ankle winter boots
Women's running jacket
Women's running sweatshirt with 1/2 zip
Women's running shoes
Skate blade guard
Winter skate knife protector
Bicycle chain guard
Women's running trail shoes
Women's skialp jacket
Women's travel bag
Women's cycling jacket
Women's cycling helmet
Women's cycling vest
Women's headband
Women's cap
Women's ankle hiking full leather shoes
Women's ankle hiking shoes
Women's hybrid skialp jacket
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Women's handbag
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Women's ski jacket
Women's ski jacket with 1/2 zip
Women's ski jacket with zipper
Women's ski helmet
Women's small shoulder bag
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Women's sweatshirt with zipper
women's hoodie
Women's fashion shoes
Women's multifunctional jacket
Women's multifunctional scarf
Women's low hiking all-leather shoes
Women's reversible quilted jacket
Women's running shoes
Women's training sports bra
Women's hiking jacket
Women's hiking fleece sweatshirt with zipper
Women's hiking sweatshirt with a hood
Women's hiking sweatshirt with zipper
Women's hiking shoes low
Women's high hiking shoes
Women's hiking softshell jacket
Women's hiking vest
Women's vest
Women's skialp vest
Special discounts
  • Longus bicycle pump. The pump has the option of switching the High volume and High pressure functions. These functions allow to efficiently and quickly inflate MTB tires with a large volume and road tires with a higher required pressure. Clever valve with closing lever automatically adapts to the type of valve (AV/FV). The precise manometer is placed so...

    19,99 €
    In Stock
  • Longus bicycle pump. Mini pump with aluminum body, piston and valve nut and elegant modern appearance. Universal reversible valve with closing lever allows inflation of both AV and FV valves. Large volume of air per stroke. A cyclo pump must not be missing in your cycling equipment. Product details: Length: 203 mm Valve: reversible AV / DV / FV Maximum...

    14,99 €
    In Stock
  • -44%

    Set of bicycle lights of the Longus brand. A simple press of the button switches between the individual lighting methods of the front and rear lights. Pressing the button for two seconds turns on only the front light, then you switch between functions by simply pressing the button. Pressing the button for 8 seconds enables pairing with the rear light, the...

    15,00 € 26,99 €
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • -45%

    Longus bicycle light. The Brake bike light is a rear light with 5 high-brightness LEDs and a built-in 3-axis accelerometer that detects the braking of the bike and lights up all 5 LEDs at once as a brake light. Simply press the button to turn the light on or off. When the light is turned on, the accelerometer is calibrated, so it must be placed in the...

    6,00 € 10,99 €
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • Sleeve brand Longus. Aluminum seat clamp with quick-release clamp. The diameter of the sleeve is 31.8 mm. Its weight is 44g. Product details: seatpost clamp durable aluminum weight: 44g diameter: 31.8mm

    5,99 € 6,99 €
    In Stock
  • Longus defect repair kit. The adhesive kit is in a practical box. In it you will find everything you need to repair the defect. The set for the defect contains: glue 5 ml, sandpaper, self-vulcanizing patches 6 pcs., mounting levers 2 pcs. The weight of the package is 56g. This puncture kit should not be missing in the equipment of any cyclist. Product...

    5,99 € 6,99 €
    In Stock
  • Longus bicycle pump. The cyclo pump has a steel body and a base made of durable plastic. It has a large 3-inch pressure gauge for easy reading of data. The durable steel construction ensures its long service life. It has a timeless black design with the brand logo. The bicycle pump has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. The universal clever valve...

    21,99 € 24,99 €
    In Stock
  • Longus defect repair kit. The defect sealing kit is in a small box. You can store the box in the pocket of the bike. A tire repair kit should be part of your home bicycle service. Product details: Self-vulcanizing patches 7 pieces (1 x 24x35 mm, 2 x diameter 25 mm, 2 x diameter 20 mm, 2 x diameter 15 mm), glue 5ml sandpaper weight: 30 g

    2,99 €
    In Stock
  • Longus defect repair kit. The defect sealing kit is in the box. You can store the box in your bike bag. The tire repair kit is a practical bicycle accessory that should be part of your home bicycle service. Product details:self-vulcanizing patches 10 pieces (2 x 24x35 mm, 4 x diameter 25 mm, 4 x diameter 20 mm) glue 8ml grinding wheel 2 rubber...

    2,99 €
    In Stock
  • Longus bicycle inner tube. A light and at the same time strong core will provide you with optimal performance. Cyclo duša is resistant to frost and overheating. It was made of synthetic butyl rubber (butyl rubber) with a wall thickness of 0.90 mm. This material provides excellent flexibility in tension, which allows the inner tube to perfectly adapt to...

    5,99 €
    In Stock
  • Sleeve brand Longus. Aluminum seat clamp with quick-release fastener. It has a diameter of 34.9 mm and a weight of 44 g. Black color. Product details: saddle clamp diameter: 34.9mm weight: 44g

    5,99 €
    In Stock