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Nordica skis and Tecnica skis present their technologies. The skier's guide is here!

Nordica skis and Tecnica skis present their technologies. The skier's guide is here!

The market today offers a lot of goods to choose from . The possibilities are almost limitless and sometimes you can get lost in it. This also applies to the offer of ski boots . Whether it's classic ski boots or ski alpine ski boots. How to navigate it and how to choose the right ones? We offer you an overview of ski boots, or technologies they offer.

Ski boots and their technologies

Ski boots are an integral part of skis. Even though they are mostly bought separately, together with the skis and bindings they must form a single unit. Only if:

• you will feel confident on the slopes

• you will give your best performance

• you will enjoy skiing

Technologies are used to ensure that ski boots meet their functionality and make skiing as comfortable as possible for you. Today's models can already be individually adapted to your foot , or legs. They are no longer just uncomfortable and heavy shoes. But how to choose between so many models and brands? Get inspired by our guide to the world of ski boots and theirs technologies .

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The company Tecnica Group started producing Tecnica skis in 1970. The Italian brand with a rich history of footwear production also switched to the production of ski boots. Quality, functionality and modern design, these are the attributes that the Tecnica brand and ski boots have kept to this day.


Custom ski boots - CAS

Tailor-made skis are an option offered by the Tecnica brand. Thanks to the CAS (Custom Adaptive Shape) system, the ski jacket can be perfectly adapted to you with the help of thermal heating. Pressure points are identified and adjusted using special devices. Depending on the type of ski boot, it can be adapted to :

• ski boot skeleton

• inner boot of a skier

• tongue on a ski boot

The CAS system adapts to the anatomy of your foot thanks to the heat treatment of the required part of the ski boot. It will provide you with greater comfort and you will feel comfortable during the whole day on skis.

Ski boots that are easy to put on

• Quick Instep is a quick putting on and taking off system. The material of the instep on the ski boot is softer, makes it easier to put on and take off and prevents possible pain associated with it, which can appear especially at low temperatures. It also allows a better feeling when walking in the front part of the shoe.

• Power Lock saves your time. The hook eliminates the need to completely open the strap when taking off or putting on shoes. There is also a more accurate power transmission.

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Women's ski boots with thermal heating

Most women know the feeling of cold feet and it is never pleasant. Winter can lead to pain. This is possible thanks to the Tecnica Mach 1 95 MV W Heat ski boots prevent. You simply download the application to your smartphone , you pair the phone with the skier using Bluetooth and you can adjust the intensity of the heating. You can read how it all works in our blog End of cold feet on the slope!


Skialp Tecnica ski boots with Vibram sole

Tecnica skialp skis have a Vibram sole. It is known for its double density. There is a higher density rubber on the toe and heel of the ski boot for higher performance. The remaining part has rubber of a lower density, but thanks to this, the ski boots adhere nicely to the slope if you don't have your skis stretched. You get excellent traction on snow, ice or even metal ladders or snowmobiles .


The width of the ski boot

Each leg has a different width, and the manufacturers of ski boots also thought of this during production. So choose the model that suits you best. You can find out how and where the width of the ski boot is marked in our video.


Nordica skis have been around for several decades. During that time, however, they have retained their quality and performance and are a sought-after brand among world champions. The brand was made famous by the world-class skier Zeno Colò , who in 1950 gave the brand's skiers his name and won the downhill and giant slalom at the World Championships in Aspen . Since 2002, the brand belongs to the Tecnica Group company.


Ski boots with adjustable volume

Thanks to the IVC - Instep Volume Control system , Nordica skis allow you to adjust the volume of the inner boot by +/- 4mm. A special red insert visible in the heel area enables adjustment of the desired volume by turning it.


Nordica skis are always easy to put on or take off

Let's face it, ski boots are not as attractive as footwear, and if there was no skiing, you would not voluntarily put anything like that on your feet. Of course, women's ski boots or men's ski boots must have a solid and durable construction . But manufacturers are also trying more and more to introduce greater comfort options into them. For example, the following technologies are used for this:

• Dual Easy Entry – soft plastic inserts in the neck of the shoe adapt to the pressure more easily, making it easier for you to put on and take off your shoes.

• Adjustable Cuff Profile – adjustable cuff profile using two screws on the back of the ski boot. If you have thicker calves, you will appreciate the possibility of increasing the circumference of the boot by a few centimeters.


Keep your feet warm thanks to Nordica ski boots

Ski boots do not only have to be made of high-quality material, it is important that you are not cold in them and that you can enjoy the slopes for as long as possible. Various insulating materials and technologies are used for this purpose, which will keep your feet warm and prevent the cold from escaping.

• PrimaLoft® technology - PrimaLoft® insulation was originally designed for the US Army and its soldiers. It is permanently resistant to water and retains its insulating properties under all circumstances. It will therefore provide you with warmth and dryness and the related comfort. It is the best synthetic insulation available.

• 3D Custom Cork Liner technology – some all mountain ski boots have a lining equipped with natural cork material. The latter covers the surface of the heel, whose participation is essential in providing lateral transmission during driving. Cork is an adaptable and responsive material and also provides thermal insulation. It will keep your feet always warm and dry. At the same time, it can also provide better shock absorption.


Walking only in ski boots doesn't have to be difficult anymore

Grip Walk Soles are a type of sole that has excellent grip on various surfaces. It enables easier walking, for example on the trails of a ski resort , if you are wearing only ski boots. The demand for comfortable ski boots also prompted the Nordica brand to use technology that makes walking in boots easier than ever before . Nordica Gripwalk® is simply a "walking rocker sole" that is ready to fit into Marker Gripwalk® bindings and other similar systems available on the market.

Comfortable ski boots for your better performance and comfort

• Tri Force Shell technology – the skeleton of the ski boot consists of three main parts – a hard part of the ski boot, a part made of softer and more adaptable material and a soft flap for easier entry into the ski boot. This technology maximizes the transfer of energy during the descent from the leg and foot to the lining and shell of the ski boot - on all three sides. This allows for better control and higher performance. Thanks to the stronger lateral transmission, you also have a greater feeling of comfort.

• Infrared technology - was developed by the company Nordica in order to adapt the boots to each skier especially in the most sensitive places. With the help of thermal heating, individual parts of the ski boot can be shaped according to individual requirements. Once you have identified the pressure points in your ski boots, you just need to heat the chosen area and use special tools to adapt it to your needs.


How to choose the right size of ski boots

Our video can also help you choose the right size of ski boots:

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Storage of ski boots

Dry the skis before storage using a special dryer for ski boots. Dry the inner slipper separately and then return it back to the ski boot. We recommend storing ski boots (including skis) in rooms with room temperature . The ideal temperature is 20 ° C-25 ° C.

If you can't decide, we havea rental shop where you can try out some of our ski sets. You can find out how to rent skis and ski boots at Exisport in this blog or in our FAQ .

Do not hesitate and choose ski boots from our offer, in which you will feel like a champion on the slopes!

Publication date : 21.1.2022

Author: Katarína Bačíková

© Copyright reserved.

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