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Ski mountaineering is also for women. How to be a stylish lady on the slopes?

Ski mountaineering is also for women. How to be a stylish lady on the slopes?

Ski mountaineering as a winter sport is becoming more and more popular in our country every year. The combination of skiing and alpine tourism is attracting more and more skiers and certainly also female skiers. If you want to be a lady on the slopes, see how to do it with us.

Clothing for skiing

It has its own specifics and should meet certain attributes. Skialp clothing should support you to climb easily and comfortably when climbing and, if necessary, the clothing should be able to protect you from adverse weather . Skialpa alternates more physically demanding sections with less physically demanding sections. It is therefore important to layer clothing so that you can put on or take off another layer if necessary. Among the main factors that must be taken into account when choosing skialp clothing are:

  • weight of clothing – in ski mountaineering you climb most of the time and every kilo counts. Therefore, skialp clothing is light and easy to store
  • functional materials - during any activity, the body sweats, so it is necessary to have functional clothing that quickly wicks away sweat, is sufficiently breathable and can dry quickly
  • membranes – waterproof and windproof is a must, because you never know what weather might surprise you in the mountains
  • insulating properties – staying warm in any weather is important for any winter sport
  • durability - ski mountaineering is a sport in extreme conditions, and clothing must also withstand these conditions
  • comfort and freedom of movement - during sports you need to focus on your performance, so clothing that does not hinder movement and makes you feel comfortable is the right choice
skialp women's clothing

Note: it is definitely not advisable to take a ski jacket or clothing intended primarily for skiing to the ski slope. The ratio of hill climbing and skiing is significantly different in ski mountaineering than in classic skiing. The functional skialp clothing is subsequently adapted to this.

Skialp women's clothing

Skialp clothing manufacturers also follow fashion trends and want to bring to the market beautiful, stylish and modern things in addition to functional things. Here you can find stylish skialp clothing for ladies from the following brands:

Oblecenie na skialp Nortfinder

Did you know? Ski mountaineering should also become an official sport at the Winter Olympics in 2026.

Skialp T-shirt - the bottom layer that will keep you warm

Do not underestimate the choice of the bottom layer. You should feel comfortable in it, it should not hinder your movement or push anywhere. Functional materials should be breathable and wick moisture away from the body. This will keep you warm. So choose the right skialp t-shirt .

Women's skialp sweatshirt - second layer for colder weather

A sweatshirt is a universal and very popular item. You will definitely use it during your ascent, or under the jacket when going down. Skialp sweatshirt has excellent thermoregulatory properties, a stand-up collar protects the neck from cold and wind. The bonus is flexibility, quick sweat removal and beautifully molds to the figure. It is ideal to always have it in your backpack and take it out if necessary.

Skialp jacket or skialp vest - the top layer that protects you

For the top layer, it is up to you whether you prefer a skialp jacket or a vest . Everyone likes something different and feels comfortable in something different. Your choice may also depend on the terrain you are going to conquer and the weather conditions. The ideal is one that is light and has practical pockets, where, for example, you can put away climbing belts when descending.

skialp women's clothing

Skialp pants or thermal leggings - comfortable with every movement

These are special elastic skialp pants , which are widened at the end for easy wearing of ski boots. Vents on the thighs will help vent heat build-up and provide a greater range of comfort. As well as pre-shaped parts on the knees so that they do not hinder your movement. A bonus is the elastic waist that adapts to the figure. Waterproof and breathable material should be a matter of course.

Skialp skirt - to be a lady in all circumstances

If you love skirts and don't want to give them up even during sports, we have the perfect solution for you. It is the skialp skirt - this season's hit! You can wear it over skialp pants or thermal leggings for ski mountaineering. This piece of skialp clothing fulfills several functions:

emphasize your femininity

• warms important parts such as thighs and buttocks

• you get an additional protective layer with a membrane and thermal insulation

• practical zippers do not prevent you from moving uphill or downhill

skialp women's clothing
skialp women's clothing
skialp women's clothing

Our tip for a winter ski mountaineering outfit for ladies

If you can't decide what to choose from our offer of skialp clothing, we have chosen for you. Get inspired by our skialp look from the Northfinder brand and be stylish even on the slopes or during the ascent. Here you go!

Winter look on skialp no. 1

skialp women's clothing
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• bottom layer – skialp t-shirt with blue turtleneck

• top layer – a colorful skialp jacket with a print inspired by nature and comfortable blue skialp pants

the feminine look is enhanced by a black skialp skirt with a print inspired by nature, which goes beautifully with the skialp they wake up

Winter look on skialp no. 2

skialp women's clothing
[ /vc_row]

• bottom layer – skialp T-shirt with a pink turtleneck

• middle layer – white skialp sweatshirt with a print inspired by nature

• top layer – skialp jacket in a colorful design and comfortable black thermal leggings for skialp

the feminine look is highlighted by a colorful skialp skirt, which matches the color of the skialp jacket and looks great on leggings

Skialp clothing for men

With us, you can also choose clothing or equipment for ski mountaineering for your male half. Skialp clothing for men is equally functional and stylish. Try skialp shorts from our offer, for example .

And last but not least, don't forget to check your equipment - skis and ski boots .

Now nothing prevents you from enjoying ski mountaineering adventures!

Publication date : 28.1.2022

Author: Katarína Bačíková

© Copyright reserved.

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