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How to dress properly for skialp?

How to dress properly for skialp?

Are you starting ski mountaineering? In addition to the right ski boots and ski boots , it is important to know how to choose the right ski clothing. This winter sport alternates between a challenging ascent, rest phases and a well-deserved ride down the slope. Therefore, clothing must fulfill several , at first glance contradictory, functions. In addition, in the mountains you never know exactly what kind of weather you will encounter throughout the day. So how to properly dress for skiing?

Do not take ski clothes to the ski slopes

Although it may seem that ski mountaineering is actually also skiing, it is not quite so. While in skiing, approx. 80% of your activity is going down the slope on skis, in ski mountaineering, the majority is the ascent up the slope. You would be unnecessarily warm in ski clothing and you would not have the necessary freedom of movement. Skialp clothing must therefore be:

  • made of light material
  •  more elastic than ski clothing
  • extra breathable to ensure proper air circulation and not get wet
  • with excellent thermal insulation that effectively regulates heat
  • the best are hybrid constructions that ensure wind resistance, flexibility and thermal comfort in the right places
 skialp clothing

Layering clothes - the basis for skialp

As we have already mentioned above, the difficult part of the ascent alternates with breaks for the views and the downhill descent. During the ascent, the body releases the most energy, it sweats, therefore clothing should be sufficiently breathable, elastic and light, so that it does not weigh you down . Fewer layers will do. During breaks or rest , you have to be careful that the cold wind does not blow you away and that you do not start to feel the cold. Therefore, skialp clothing should have excellent thermal insulation properties .

It is therefore important to layer your clothes and have a practical skialp backpack where you can store your clothes or from where you can quickly take them out. You may not need a warm skialp jacket during the ascent, but it will definitely come in handy at the top in the cold wind. The weather in the mountains is unpredictable, it is also important to have a waterproof outer layer.

Know your body

When choosing the right clothes and layering, don't forget how you and your body handle the load. Some people start sweating as soon as their heart rate increases, others only when they move really intensively. The number of layers must also be adapted to this . You yourself know very well how often you need to take a break or put on another insulating layer while hiking. Try it, start with less demanding climbs and after a while you will find out what suits you best.

Advantages of hybrid constructions

Hybrid constructions are specially designed to have insulating layers, elastic layers, breathable layers and other functional material in key places. They combine the properties of the second and third layers. You can therefore omit the middle layer, for example when climbing, which will also reduce the total weight of your clothing. Layering becomes easier.

Correct clothing for skialp

Today, skialp clothing is also easily available on the Slovak market. From our offer, we select for you functional skialp clothing of the Everett brand , which will also please you with its quality and modern design. But let's start in order.

 skialp clothing for women and men
skialp clothes for women and men

Bottom layer - thermal underwear

The first or bottom layer should be like your second skin. Don't press, don't be too loose, but copy the figure nicely. Thermal clothing is the first in contact with your skin, so you have to try for yourself whether the synthetic version, natural materials or their combination suits you better. A functional T-shirt with long sleeves is also suitable. What properties should the right thermal underwear have?

  • wicks sweat away from the body
  • will keep you dry
  • it is elastic, does not restrict movement
  • it warms up, but not too much
  • pleasant to the skin

Middle second layer

The main task of this layer is definitely to maintain heat , which is why some call it the insulation layer. It is often a functional sweatshirt made of fleece or other material that guarantees the necessary breathability, quick moisture removal and keeps the body warm . If the weather is nice, you can skip this layer, but it's definitely worth having in your backpack for later.

  • sunny weather, relatively high temperatures - in these conditions you can skip the middle layer
  • colder weather - for example, a fleece sweatshirt or light synthetic insulating jackets that will keep you warm are ideal
  • very cold weather - for example , a skialp vest or a light down jacket is a suitable choice for a fleece sweatshirt; an excellent insulation is Primaloft , which is light but has excellent thermal insulation properties.
skialp women's and men's clothing

Top layer

Your protection against adverse weather conditions , that is the task of the top layer. The front part should protect against the wind, water resistance or waterproofness should be a matter of course, breathable elastic parts to support movement and proper circulation are also an advantage. Thermal insulation will be provided, for example, by the already mentioned Primaloft or feathers. Everett hybrid skialp jackets meet all this.

 men's and women's skialp jacket
skialp men's and women's jacket

Skialp pants and leggings

Whether you use layering with skialp pants is up to you. Their task is to keep you warm and provide effective breathability. If you are "frozen" or "frozen", you can wear thermal pants under them. Alternatively, you can wear skialp shorts over them. Some skialp pants do not even need layering thanks to their material. Similar to the jacket, skialp pants should be:

  • wind and water resistant
  • breathable
  • elastic
  • have a reinforced lower part
  • expandable cuffs for easier wearing of ski boots
 skialp pants
skialp pants

EXI tip : Try our Everett skialp pants . They stand out, among other things, with a functional cut with extra stretch fabric in all directions, they have an insulated interior and zippers on the sides for better breathability.

Something for ladies - special skialp skirts will emphasize your femininity, but not only that

In one of our previous blogs, we focused specifically on women's skialp clothing. You can also read how to look like a stylish lady on the slopes and be inspired by our tips. The skialp skirt not only looks good, but also provides additional warmth for the hips and buttocks.

 women's skialp skirt
women's skialp skirt

Skialp accessories that make it even better

Once you have chosen your skiing clothes, don't forget a hat, gloves or the right socks. Even such little things can make it pleasant, or make the hike uncomfortable if you did not choose correctly.

A cap

The largest amount of heat leaves the body through our head. It is therefore clear that having a hat is a necessity. Choose according to practicality rather than style. The romper will definitely get in the way, and a helmet is also unavoidable. In difficult weather conditions, you will also appreciate a hood. During better weather, a multifunctional scarf or headband might be enough.


During the ascent, light and breathable gloves are suitable, for example, as for cross-country skiing. A wind-resistant membrane can be a bonus . However, we recommend having one more in your backpack for replacement and then another, preferably not forged and with an excellent insulating layer , which will keep you warm. Great are the so-called mittens that retain more heat.   


Your legs carry you all the time. The wrong choice of socks or knee pads can cause bruises and discomfort. Skialp socks should therefore fit exactly on the foot, not slide down . Their breathability and excellent sweat drainage are a matter of course, as they are in ski boots all the time. Prefer natural materials such as merino or a combination of natural and synthetic fibers.

 skialp clothes for women and men

EXI tip: You should always have spare clothes or additional insulating clothing . You can use it at the top or when going down. It can be a jacket, sweatshirt or skialp skirt or skialp shorts.

We believe that we have helped you in choosing ski clothing. Each of us is different and has different needs or preferences. Therefore, try several options and then choose as much as possible in ski mountaineering are ju okay with. We wish you beautiful ascents and safe descents!

 skitouring clothing
skiatouring clothing

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