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Why buy a Mondraker mountain bike and ebike?

Why buy a Mondraker mountain bike and ebike?

Bicycles and electric bicycles of the Mondraker brand are among the top in their category. They not only have a modern design, but are also technically sophisticated . Mondraker mountain bikes and ebikes have patented technologies that improve their driving characteristics. If you are looking for a quality bike, the Mondraker is the right choice.

Mondraker technologies

MIND telemetry system

The MIND system is a unique integrated telemetry system for properly adjusting the suspension of a mountain bike . Together with the multifunctional myMondraker application, it brings a revolution. The MIND system analyzes and records the performance of the front and rear suspension while driving and allows this performance to be analyzed via the myMondraker application . The goal is to achieve the correct suspension setting, which subsequently leads to an improvement in the overall performance of the mountain bike.

How the MIND system works

The MIND system monitors how the suspension is working through sensors in the front and rear of the bike. The sensor sends information to the head unit, which is hidden inside the head tube. This main unit has several tasks. It acts as a front sensor that "reads" the magnetic field of a magnet that is attached to the rear of the upper left fork. The sensor measures fork movement relative to the sensor 100 times per second for travel and up to 5000 times per second for deflection. The main unit is also a Bluetooth transmitter that sends data collected from all sensors to the installed myMondraker application on your smartphone when your ride ends.

This head unit also receives data sent from the rear MIND sensor, which is attached to the Zero suspension system linkage and which in turn measures the magnetic field of the magnet that is on the main pivot point of the rear triangle.

Last but not least, the main unit also contains an integrated GPS system that has its own GSM 2G/4G connectivity independent of your phone. Each MIND system includes its own rechargeable battery that lasts for over 20 hours of continuous operation and over 15 days of standby time. Simply connect each device to a charger with a USB C connector to fully charge the system. If the system is charging, the blue light flashes continuously. The entire system, including sensors, batteries, magnets and antenna, weighs only 199 grams, is completely maintenance-free and is integrated into the bike so gently that it is almost unnoticeable.

The MIND system automatically connects to the myMondraker app (which you can download for free for both Android and iOS) via Bluetooth, syncing all of your ride data, including how your suspension performed from start to finish on the bike.

myMondraker application

The myMondraker application provides the possibility to analyze all driving data and enables other interesting functions.

• direct Bluetooth connection with the bike for editing and recording activities and data transfer

• guide to setting SAG for front and rear suspension according to rider weight and riding style on Mondraker MIND bike models

• activity recording for Mondraker bikes with the MIND function without having to carry a mobile phone

• the application records the number of jumps, front and rear suspension travel, track, distance, time, altitude and average speed of bicycles with the MIND system

• connection with the Strava system and Facebook for sharing activities

• anti-theft alarm system on Mondraker bicycles with the MIND function

• all information about the characteristics of the Mondraker bike

• the latest information on Mondraker bikes and racing

Advantages of the MIND system

MIND is a unique technology that comes in 2023 on the Crafty Carbon RR SL, Foxy Carbon XR and Raze Carbon RR SL. Optional for all Crafty Carbon, Foxy Carbon and Raze Carbon models.

• for the first time, a cyclist can obtain real data from a bicycle

• perfect adaptation according to weight and driving style

• possibility to track speed and jumps on the bike

• easy to use, without cables

• the best post-bike analysis tool

• the possibility to share your achievements on Strava or on Facebook

• possibility to activate the anti-theft alarm

Zero suspension system

The Zero system is Mondraker's patented most efficient and powerful suspension system . The Zero system is individually designed, tuned and optimized for the best riding efficiency on every Mondraker full-suspension bike, from the small Factor 24 or F-Play 24 models to the Summum Alloy and Summum Carbon Word Cup.

Advantages of the Zero system

• Zero power loss- the force applied to the pedals is transformed into immediate forward movement without any additional compression or extension of the rear shock.

• Zero pedal kickback - minimal effect of the rear suspension function on driving characteristics, pedaling is thus maximally effective

• Zero brake jack - forces acting from the rear brake do not have a negative effect on the suspension system. The rear shock absorber works reliably and independently. There is no risk of blocking due to the rear brake.

• Zero bumps - the most remarkable feature of the system is its excellent flexibility in uneven terrain and a completely stable ride.

Forward geometry

If you want to innovate, you have to think "out of the box". You have to let go of preconceived ideas and look at the future with a fresh new approach. That's exactly what Mondraker did with FORWARD GEOMETRY and he wants to continue doing it 10 years later.

If you want to improve as a cyclist, a shiny bike and a grueling training regimen are not enough. Mountain bike geometry is key to getting the most out of it for you too. Mondraker is constantly innovating technologically in order to bring you the best version of the bike. So if you want to continue to improve as a rider, bet on Forward geometry.

Advantages of Forward geometry:

• increased safety and security during rapid descent combined with sharper, more direct control

• greater stability in technical climbs and uneven terrain combined with better grip and better control

Longer overall wheelbase. Shorter stems and offset forks. The combination of all these technical and design features resulted in FORWARD GEOMETRY, the perfect geometry for anyone who wants a better riding experience, regardless of their level or the model of Mondraker bike they ride.

Stealth carbon

Stealth carbon is the most advanced carbon fiber development and optimization technology in the Mondraker model range. This constantly developing technology brings all the experience gained in the production of aluminum frames to meet the same requirements for innovation, maximum quality, minimum weight and strength . The placement of carbon fiber layers is a key technique, with specific fiber placement and direction of varying quality for each type and model of bike. The result is a frame with the best ratio of strength - structural rigidity - noise absorption - lightness, exceptional reliability and a very attractive and unique 100% Mondraker look.

Chrono Carbon is the flagship model with Stealth Carbon technology.

Advantages of stealth carbon

• distinctive unique appearance

• advanced carbon production process

• the best ratio of strength - structural rigidity - noise absorption and lightness

Mountain bike Mondraker
Women's mountain bike Mondraker
Men's mountain bike Mondraker

Stealth Air Carbon

Stealth Air Carbon is Mondraker's most sophisticated and lightest carbon manufacturing process. Each carbon layer is specifically and carefully applied in each area of ​​the frame with a given and specific purpose, creating the most stylish, evolved and advanced carbon fiber frame in the Mondraker range . Stealth Air Carbon common features:

• the most modern industrial design

 profile in aero style

 maximum stiffness

• lowest weight

• excellent compliance ratio

Trail shake is sometimes overlooked, and it's a critical feature especially on a top quality carbon frame. Stealth Air Carbon can be found on the new Summum Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon and Raze and on our standard cross country racing models F-Podium Carbon, F-Podium Carbon DC and Podium Carbon. Especially on such a light record-breaking model as the Podium Carbon, the FlatStays design solves this traditional problem by filtering all those extra riding vibrations without the need for additional saddle struts + an elastomer solution for unrivaled riding comfort on a pure carbon (carbon) hardtail frame.

Summum Carbon, Crafty Carbon, SuperFoxy Carbon, Foxy Carbon, Raze, F-Podium Carbon DC, F-Podium Carbon and Podium Carbon are flagship models with Stealth Air Carbon technology.


High-end distinctive carbon industrial design

The most refined and lightest Stealth Carbon production

Maximum flexibility, noise absorption and stiffness-to-weight ratio

Stealth alloy

Stealth Alloy covers all the processes involved in the creation of the frame, from industrial design to the specific production of each of its tubes with the calculation of the most precise details. Each tube and part is carefully designed to perform a specific function while trying to achieve the lowest possible weight . Stealth technology evolves every year with optimized shapes and internal updates to provide the best riding experience in our aluminum frames .

Stealth Alloy technology can be found in the Summum, SuperFoxy, Foxy, Factor 24 & 26, Leader, F-Play, Play, Chaser, Dusk, Crafty and Level models.


• advanced industrial design

• distinctive appearance

• the best lightweight structural rigidity in its class

Bosch motor system

The intelligent system shows the way to the digital future for ebikes . The eBike Flow app, battery, display, control unit, drive unit and Bosch eBike ABS are fully connected in an intelligent system. Regular free updates keep them up to date and add new features. You can control all functions of the intelligent system via the eBike Flow application . Whether you're on your way to work or on the trails at the weekend, technically and visually precisely tuned components will allow you to customize your driving experience and take your driving enjoyment to a higher level.

Drive with maximum flow with the Performance Line CX engine. Experience intuitive control and a unique driving sensation with this powerful and dynamic drive unit. With the intelligent system, the drive unit is fully connected to the other components of the eBike - and with the eBike Flow app you have access to digital functions such as activity tracking and eBike Lock.

Bosch motor system


Bosch remote controls

The intelligent system of Bosch eBike Systems offers you various displays and control elements that are perfectly adapted to your needs . If you ride an eMTB, then the sporty companion System Controller including Mini Remote and Kiox 300 is your ideal choice. If you mainly use your electric bike in the city, the LED Remote, Intuvia 100 and SmartphoneGrip are ideal for you.

New system controller (System Controller)

The System Controller is a minimalist control unit for e-bikes with an intelligent system and is fully integrated in the top tube.

New mini remote control (Mini Remote)

The mini handlebar controller is the perfect companion to the system controller - for more functions, safety and convenience.

LED remote control (LED Remote)

The smart control center gives you access to many functions of the e-bike. Its position on the handlebars and ergonomic design make it easy to use .

System Controller
Mini remote
LED Remote



New Intuvia 100

The Intuvia 100 display is easy and intuitive to use and offers excellent readability.

New Kiox 300

As a sports companion on the road, the Kiox 300 displays all relevant information and reliably guides you to your destination.

Display Intuvia 100
Kiox 300 display


Batteries - the energy source of electric bicycles

Intelligent system batteries offer you the right level of energy storage for every application. For example, for long rides on difficult terrain, you should choose the PowerTube 750 powerhouse. Thanks to Mondraker know-how, many years of experience and intensive testing, Bosch eBike Systems batteries are among the safest on the market.

  • PowerTube 625 - perfectly suited for eMTB adventures and longer tours.
  • PowerTube 750 - the strongest and most robust PowerTube battery is made for long and demanding adventures on the road. No mountain is too steep and no journey too long with this battery.
Power tube


Shimano motor system

The integrated Shimano e-MTB system offers the most intuitive and natural ride . We present the EP8 engine on the renewed full-suspension Dusk and E7000 models on the Thundra hardtail as a major evolution, and among its most important features we find its compact design, which is 10% smaller and also 10% lighter than the previous E8000 with a reduced Q-Factor to 175mm. Internal friction has been reduced by up to 50%, its torque (assisted by the engine) has increased to 85 Nm and in ECO mode we are now able to travel up to 20% more distance than with the previous E8000. It's also quieter – with sound levels similar to the E7000 – and when it comes to its assistance modes, the new Trail mode stands out, capable of working up to Boost mode.

The E7000 on the Thundre remains unchanged with a maximum torque of 60 Nm. Both Dusk and Thundra bikes have an integrated long-life internal battery with a capacity of 630 Wh. We can also combine its use with an extra external battery with 360 Wh - sold as an optional item - and thus achieve a total range of 990 Wh.


  • Top e-MTB technology from Shimano
  • The new EP8 engine is more powerful and efficient
  • Maintenance-free, compact design, maximum reliability
  • Long-lasting (optional) range: 630Wh + 360Wh
  • Customizable Eco, Trail and Boost modes
  • Very compact and light design, short chainstays
  • Integrated battery design + external battery for 990 Wh range

Mahle motor system

Mahle X35 E-Kids

For the 2023 season, Mondraker presents a new range of children's electric bikes with Mahle X35 motors. From 20 to 26” hardtail and 24” and 26” full suspension, the new Play and F-Play range is enhanced with a maximum torque of up to 40 Nm and a maximum pedal support of 25 km/h with an internal 250Wh battery. With the Mahle My Smart Bike mobile application and our own software, it has never been so easy to configure the various riding parameters according to our children's wishes in a very simple and intuitive way, even with offline navigation. All F-Play and Play bike batteries are removable but not interchangeable. The maximum torque and revolutions are also limited for the 20” Play model.


  • Fully integrated eMTB for children
  • The Mahle e-Bikemotion X35 hub motor provides the right performance
  • Maintenance-free, compact design
  • Long-lasting 250 Wh range for a children's bike
  • Customizable modes via the Smart Bike app
  • Super integrated motor and battery design

E-Gravel Mahle X20

A light and intelligent system that creates a whole range of new riding possibilities while making e-bikes look and feel indistinguishable from high-performance bikes. The latest innovations create the best support at any cadence, whether racing at top speeds or climbing a mountain. The X20 is designed to propel the rider and the industry forward.

Weighing only 3.2kg including the drive unit, internal battery and main unit, the X20 system is the lightest ebike rear hub system on the market. Compatible with the EU (25 km/h) and US (20 km/h) markets, the X20 power unit with 55 Nm of torque is designed and built in Europe to achieve maximum performance levels and completely eliminate air resistance at maximum assisted speed.

New 350 Wh internal batteries, which can be supplemented with a 172 Wh Range Extender, providing autonomy of up to 200 km. The intelligent fast charging system of up to 4A charges the battery up to 80% of its full capacity in less than 2 hours.

Women's mountain bike Mondraker

Choose a Mondraker bicycle or e-bike. Whether you prefer your own drive or appreciate an electric motor, the Mondraker bike will be the right choice for you. Unique patented technologies will help you handle even challenging terrain. Don't be outdone and get a Mondraker mountain bike or electric bike today.

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