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Are there Slovak electric bicycles? Yes! Sharvan bike.

Are there Slovak electric bicycles? Yes! Sharvan bike.

The Slovak bicycle and e-bike brand Sharvan has existed for a relatively short time, but it has achieved considerable success. Her folding bicycles and electric bicycles have already had the opportunity to be seen in several corners of the world and have been successful everywhere. Today we present them to you.

Sharvan made in Slovakia – the story of the brand

The first idea and subsequently the prototype of the first folding bicycle was created in 2017. In 2019, the name of the bicycle, or Sharvan brand. A year later, in 2020, the first prototype of the Sharvan electric bicycle with an electric drive was built. The year 2021 was marked by the global exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai, where Sharvan was the official means of transport  Slovak pavilion for the entire EXPO Dubai area 10/2021-03/2022. The Sharvan bicycle was a finalist in the National Design Award competition and in 2022 won the MH SR award in the innovative act of the year competition in the Technological Innovation category – 3rd place. From May 2022, serial production of Sharvan bicycles began.

Sharvan bicycle

How the name Sharvan came about

The name Sharvan may not evoke anything special upon first hearing. However, the origin and explanation of the meaning of his name will tell something about his characteristics. The inventor of these folding bicycles came up with the name Sharvan by combining the Slovak word šarvanec (a regional term for a lively, unrestrained boy, a miscreant) and the English phrase share one .

Collapsible, growing, colorful

These are the main three characteristics of Sharvan folding bikes .

Folding - thanks to its compact dimensions, the bicycle is always available to you, whether you are going to work, to the city for shopping or just on a trip with friends. The folding mechanism of the Sharvan is designed not only for easy handling, but also for the maximum level of safety during driving. The bike does not lose stability even at higher speeds or sharp braking. The folding bike fits easily everywhere:

  • into the trunk of the car
  • to an apartment or hotel room
  • to the office
  • they don't get in the way even in public transport

Growing - the bike has adjustable handlebars, seat and extendable frame. Thanks to this, it adapts to riders of different ages, heights and weights. Adjusting the size of the bike will not take you more than a few seconds. You can share it with the whole family - Share one for all.  

Colorful - you can customize the design of the folding bike individually.  It has a replaceable frame cover that can be easily changed at any time. The covers are made of light and durable plastic material, resistant to moisture and weather conditions.

With its unconventional design, Sharvan naturally attracts attention, it is innovative, well-made, practical, fast and ecological.

Folding electric bicycle - technical parameters and components

The Sharvan folding ebike, just like its classic brother, combines the most modern technologies and creative solutions.


The expansion mechanism built into the frame allows you to adjust the bike for a rider from 120cm to 205cm tall within a few seconds. Just a few turns with an Allen key and the frame of the folding electric bicycle will smoothly adapt to your height using the rack and pinion gear.  

 Sharvan bicycle

Polyamide-carbon frame

The frame of the Slovak electric bicycle Sharvan is extraordinary thanks to the advanced method of production by injection and pressing of composite materials together with aluminum parts:

  • durable
  • durable
  • flexible and comfortable at the same time

Its internal ribbing can absorb even several centimeter-high bumps. The frame does not lose its properties even with long-term stress and guarantees the safety of the entire bicycle even after years of use.

Compact dimensions

After the ride, you can easily fold your Sharvan into compact dimensions of only 60 x 66 x 40 centimeters.

 Sharvan bicycle



The Sharvan folding electric bike has a Zehus All In One electric motor . The battery, the electric motor itself and the electronics are stored in the rear hub or disc. The electric motor supports driving up to a speed of 25 km/h. The All In One has a regenerative braking function that allows you to slow down the bike using the electric motor as a battery generator through an integrated kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). The electric motor supports 4 modes.

 engine Sharvan


Depending on the selected electric motor mode , the Slovak electric bicycle has a range of up to 50 km per charge.

 electric bike Sharvan

Drive belt

The electric bicycle does not have a classic steel chain, but a special drive belt is used to drive the rear wheel . Why?

  • the belt transmits energy to the wheel more efficiently
  • its lifespan is longer
  • requires virtually no maintenance or lubrication

18-inch wheels

The 18-inch wheels will transport you playfully and quickly to where you need to go. Their size is not an obstacle at all when folding the bike.


Shimano Nexus derailleurs are built directly into the hub of the rear wheel.

Front wheel mounting

The front wheel is mounted on a single-arm aluminum fork. Among other things, it helps to easily assemble the electric bicycle.

Disc brakes

High-quality Shimano hydraulic disc brakes won't let you down even during faster driving. They stop the ebike safely and effectively in any situation.

Hidden cabling

Cables for the derailleur and brakes are located inside the bicycle frame . Nothing prevents you from unfolding or folding it. This minimizes the risk of their damage. 

 electric bicycle Sharvan

Additional technical data

 electric bike Sharvan


Why choose the Slovak folding electric bike Sharvan?

The Sharvan e-bike combines the unique construction of a growing and folding bike in combination with a ZEHUS electric motor , specifically the All In One type. If you are looking for a reliable electrical companion that does not take up much space, we have the solution for you. Its unmistakable design is a bonus.


Author: Katarína Bačíková


© Copyright reserved

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