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Via Ferrata Kyseľ: adrenaline experience (not) for everyone?

Via Ferrata Kyseľ: adrenaline experience (not) for everyone?

Via ferratas, or in other words, secured routes, can now be enjoyed in Slovakia as well . Every year they enjoy more popularity and you can also find beautiful routes here that lovers of climbing and nature will fall in love with. One of them is Ferrata Kyseľ, which is located in Slovak Paradise. How demanding is it and who is it suitable for?

What exactly is a via ferrata?

The word via ferrata comes from Italian (the German term is klettersteig) and refers to a secured path in mountain or alpine terrain . Secured means that it includes technical aids, without which it would only be difficult to pass or not passable at all. The most common technical aids are:

  • fixed steel ropes
  • securing points
  • risers
  • ladders
  • bridges and so on.
 ferratas in Slovakia

What do you need for via ferrata?

Of course, the so-called via ferrata set . Don't go on the via ferrata without it! It must include:

  • climbing helmet
  • strap seat
  • chest harness (may or may not be, depends on your experience and difficulty of the route)
  • shock absorber with loops and two (three) carabiners
via ferrata Kysel

What else do we recommend for via ferrata?

Part of the via ferrata are steel ropes on which carabiners are attached, and with which you move. That's why we definitely recommend gloves . Whether you decide on genuine via ferrata gloves or better quality cycling gloves or work gloves , you will definitely be grateful for them at the end. Other must-have equipment are definitely:

  • sturdy shoes, comfortable hiking shoes - those that you have tried and will not let you down
  • hiking backpack 35l -  it will suffice in this volume, a larger one could interfere with some transitions
  • a first aid kit, which should contain first aid in the form of plasters, disinfection, bandages and in case of injury
  • don't forget insurance in case of intervention by the Mountain Rescue Service (HZS – emergency call 18,300)

Ferrata Kyseľ

Ferrata HSZ Kyseľ is part of the Kyseľ gorge, which is the most strictly protected area belonging to zone A of the Slovak Paradise National Park . It is part of the NATURA 2000 system of European protected areas.

The lower part of the Kyseľ gorge was inaccessible for more than 40 years after the fire in 1976. Today, thanks to the educational path Kyseľ - Ferrata of the Mountain Rescue Service, you too can enjoy the silence and peace of this unspoiled nature, together with the adrenaline experience of climbing it.

via ferrata Kysel

Basic information

Ferrata Kyseľ is accessible to visitors from Čingovo or Podlesko from June 15 to October 31 . Crossing is only possible with a valid ticket and via ferrata set. Sets can be rented on the spot before entering the gorge, it is also possible to reserve them in advance. You can also book an escort with expert interpretation.

  • lowest point: 556 masl
  • highest point: 735 masl
  • elevation: 179 m
  • length of the via ferrata section: 1470 m (Kyseľ ústi – Mostík nad Obrovským vodopádom)
  • technical equipment of the route: 510 risers, 420 m safety rope, 180 steel brackets


The route of this via ferrata could be divided into two sections. The first half is easier , when via ferrata crossings on a rope and risers alternate with wading against the current of the flowing stream. However, the second part of the route is much more demanding, steeper, and you need to have strength in your legs and arms and not be afraid of heights. This is also why the entire route is marked with difficulty level C according to the Schall scale - difficult and not suitable for children under 6 years of age. However, if you are familiar with the Slovak Paradise and have also hiked hiking trails in the Tatras or elsewhere in Slovakia, you will also be able to handle this via ferrata. The route is one-way, so you have to carefully evaluate your strength, because you cannot turn around and go back during the crossing .

via ferrata Kysel

What can you look forward to?

The via ferrata itself goes through a beautiful gorge. Reserve at least 5 hours for the entire crossing (from the parking lot on Čingov to the return). The via ferrata itself takes at least two hours, but it all depends on the number of tourists along the way, the time you will devote to photography and refreshment breaks. During the route you can admire:

  • virgin nature with rubble and fallen trees as nature left them there
  • a stream with beautifully clear water
  • beautiful waterfalls Barricade waterfall, Chapel waterfall, waterfall in Temnica and breath-taking Giant waterfall, Karolíny waterfall
  • other fauna and flora
  • rocky cliffs of various shapes
ferratas in Slovakia


Click-click season

The season for visiting via ferrata is from mid-June to the end of October. If you want to avoid a lot of visitors and enjoy the silence, the murmur of the stream and your own thoughts as much as possible, we recommend that you choose to conquer it at the end of autumn. A bonus will be the beautiful colorful nature around .

During the high season, you will be accompanied at every step by "click-click" - the sound of the constant switching of the two carabiners of all the tourists in front or behind you.

via ferrata Kysel

EXI tip: On this via ferrata, you go upstream the entire time. Depending on the season, there is more or less water in it that you have to wade through during the trip. The risers are often wet and slippery. Therefore , it is necessary to have waterproof and sturdy hiking shoes with a membrane .

Route description

One of the fastest ways to get to the via ferrata is from Čingovo. The via ferrata route from Čingovo starts at the parking lot:

  • from the intersection of Čingov - centrum, follow the blue sign to Biely potok - ustie
  • then follow the green sign to Kyseľ - estuary, where the Ferrata Kyseľ educational trail begins
  • the via ferrata itself takes at least two hours after the green mark
  • Ferrata Kyseľ ends with the most difficult section - a steep ascent above the Giant waterfall
  • from there you can follow the yellow sign to Nad Kyseľom, and then, for example, the blue sign to Kláštorisko
  • if you liked via ferrata, you can extend the route for a while after climbing the Obrovské waterfall and climb the section around the Karolíny waterfall to Kyseľ - the crossroads and from there again follow the blue sign to Kláštorisko
via ferrata Kysel

Čingov children's via ferrata

Do you also want to show and explain the beginnings of via ferrata climbing to children? An excellent choice is the Čingov children's via ferrata , which is located near the Čingov parking lot. It is suitable for children aged 6 and over, but parents must consider their child's fitness level. The risers and ropes are adapted to a child's step, and a parent or other responsible person is obliged to go on the via ferrata together with the child.

  • the length of the children's via ferrata is 77 m
  • it is a one-way route from left to right
  • leads past two caves
  • is accessible from 1.4. – 30.10.
  • mandatory equipment is a via ferrata set for children, which you can rent on the spot and reserve in advance
detska ferrata Cingov


The hikes in the Slovak Paradise are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful that we can see in Slovakia. If you want to make ordinary hiking special with something new and you are not afraid of heights or confined spaces, we definitely recommend trying the via ferrata . Whether it will be Kyseľ, or you will try something less demanding to begin with, we leave it up to you. Ferrata Kyseľ is not suitable for beginners, but it is definitely worth conquering.

Author: Katarína Bačíková

Main banner photo:

© Copyright reserved.

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