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Kayland shoes: new logo, same quality and technologies that will allow you to reach the top

Kayland shoes: new logo, same quality and technologies that will allow you to reach the top

The Kayland brand is well known among professional high mountain climbers, top tourists, mountain rescuers and athletes . Kayland footwear stands out for its quality, reliability and refined design. The logo has changed, but the quality has remained. Come with us to find out more about this Italian brand, which produces hiking shoes suitable not only for high-altitude climbers, but also for recreational tourists.

How Kayland footwear came about

The Kayland brand was founded in 1971 by Giovanni Bittante. He began to specialize in the production of technical footwear and boots for high-altitude mountaineering . Thanks to his technical skills and ability to predict trends, he succeeded in producing high-quality shoes. Until then, the new avant-garde approach characterizes the Kayland brand to this day. In 2013, Kayland® became part of MGM Group SpA

Brand DNA

Maintaining a high standard of quality ensures Kayland® an exceptional position in the global outdoor market, where quality product and service are the foundation of a privileged relationship with its customers. Therefore, the main objective of the brand continues to be:

  • perfect products
  • quality materials
  • constant research into the anatomy of the foot
  • advanced technologies

And all this while maintaining comfort and functionality.



Kayland hiking shoes

Kayland logo change

In 2023, the brand logo was redesigned. The logo change brought a new wind and strength to defend the quality of the products and also to strengthen the brand. The brand itself characterizes this change as follows:

  • the new logo is inspired by a tangram, an interplay of geometric shapes and proportions
  • contemporary and dynamic design: angular shapes and slopes express the desire to reach new heights
  • the new logo aims to increase the strength of the brand, which strives for the highest quality of its products
Kayland Hiking shoes
Kayland hiking shoes
Kayland hiking shoes


Kayland hiking boots - for every type of hiker

Kayland hiking shoes are really for everyone. The brand made sure to produce technically high-quality outdoor shoes for every type of hiker. For those who like to conquer hiking trails quickly, for those who are not deterred even by the highest peaks and also for those who like to "just" walk in nature and spend time with their children. That's why Kayland hiking shoes are also divided into groups according to focus:

  • Mountaineering
  • Backpackig
  • Approach
  • Hiking
  • Advanced hiking
  • Fast hiking
  • Walking
  • Junior
  • Go wild
  • Classic
Kayland hiking boots


The most powerful climbing shoes on the market, compatible with cats, comfortable, safe even on the most difficult routes and on ice. Suitable for high altitudes.


Kayland Backpacking footwear is intended for use on moderately demanding roads and routes for experienced hikers, long walks with heavy loads or dynamic mountain tourism.

Models from our offer:

Kayland Cross Mountain


The Kayland Approach line of hiking shoes is designed to allow you to enjoy the mountains to the maximum without giving up all the comfort and protection of high-tech shoes. They are also suitable for climbing or via ferrata.

Models from our offer:

Kayland V itrik

Kayland Grimpeur


Light, comfortable hiking shoes for women and men designed for long-term use on medium-difficult routes and climbing routes with a fixed aid.

Models from our offer:

Kayland Legacy

Kayland Taiga

Advanced hiking

The Advanced Hiking range is the connecting point between traditional hiking and speed hiking, dedicated to those who want to train fast and extreme ascents in the most inaccessible places and uneven terrain, where safety, grip and stability are needed.

Fast hiking

A range of hiking shoes designed for fast walking in uneven, rocky terrain. These shoes are light, breathable, with a comfortable sole and optimal grip in any terrain.

Models from our offer:

Kayland Alpha


Walking shoes are ideal for free walking and outdoor activities of all kinds, for use at work, in the city or in nature.


These are leather shoes, the upper of which is made of nubuck leather that is resistant to the elements, but at the same time breathable and adaptable. They are suitable for light trekking and walking on multiple surfaces, as well as for everyday work in the field. Ideal for people who work in nature for a long time and require maximum protection and comfort.

Models from our offer:

Kayland Pamir

Kayland Cumbria


The Junior range presents children's hiking boots. For outdoor and leisure activities, for gentle walks in the mountains or in the forest, or just to wear on a rainy day. Kayland children's shoes are the culmination of targeted research carried out to ensure children can move freely and feel protected - whatever their adventure. Play is serious business: let children play safely and discover the world - one step at a time.

Kayland hiking boots

Kayland footwear technologies

It is various technologies that complete the quality and functionality of Kayland footwear . In the development of its footwear, the brand cooperates with various world-famous partners, but also develops its own technologies and procedures to make Kayland footwear exceptional compared to others.

Kayland technological cooperation

Among the partner technologies that contribute to the quality and excellent technical performance of Kayland shoes are manufacturers of soles, waterproof membranes or thermal insulation technology such as:

  • Vibram – high grip sole with a pattern adapted to any terrain (for example: Vibram Mulaz Evo, Vibram Fourá Evo, Vibram New Makalu, Vibram Tork, Vibram Gravity, Vibram Winkler Evo, Vibram Multiverse...)
  • Gore-Tex – highly durable, breathable, waterproof and windproof membrane ( Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort Footwear, Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Footwear, Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear, Gore-Tex Invisible Fit Footwear)
  • Primaloft - the best insulation in its class suitable for all conditions
  • Cassin - a collaboration with a climbing expert in the production of climbing cats
  • Wintherm – innovative technology of active thermal insulation
Kayland hiking shoes

Kayland proprietary technologies

Subsequently, the brand also has its own patented technologies, thanks to which it stands out from the competition and creates unique hiking boots .

Ankle Lock System (ALS) – it's an exclusive Kayland system that allows accurate and safe closure of the ankle and at the same time guarantees the possibility of natural movement.

Diamond technology - the protective full rand is made of a polyurethane component and provides the shoes with increased resistance to abrasion. The entire protective belt is made of a polyurethane mixture, which provides increased resistance against shoe abrasion.

Asymmetrical Multiproof Zip Closure - closes easily, prevents water from entering the shoe and fits the foot and ankle in the most ergonomic way.

Extended Lacing System - a combination of asymmetric fastening of the laces and their position as far as possible in the area of the toes. Such technology provides a very precise feel, as the shoes can also be tightly closed in the toe area. Asymmetric positioning allows the foot to bend and its natural position.

Smart PU BI-Density Midsole - provides excellent cushioning while maintaining a very good level of support and protection.

Integra - rubber sole specially designed for outdoor activities. The technical side, the choice of materials and the sense of detail are the three key stones in the realization of this basic component of outdoor footwear. The first is the PRIME model, where excellent lug patterns suitable for a specific type of terrain together with the Plus-T compound create better grip on both dry and wet rock, while aggressive tread blocks offer better traction on mud and softer terrain.

Kayland hiking shoes


Kayland footwear offers models for everyone. Choose from our offer and experience mountain adventures with friends, pleasant walks with children in your neighborhood or overcome your limits in technical terrain in a high mountain environment. The choice is yours.


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