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Cycling glasses HQBC LINQ čierne


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HQBC cycling glasses. The bicycle glasses have a modern sports design. Their rounded shape and distinctive contours give them an energetic look. The polycarbonate lens ensures minimal penetration of sunlight between the face and the frame of the glasses. The frame of the sports glasses is light, flexible and durable at the same time. It is made of high-quality and extra durable TR90 material.

The cycling glasses have blue full REVO cylindrical polycarbonate lenses. They have a blue mirror effect and have protection against scratches. They are suitable for riding on sunny days and during various sports activities. They belong to optical class 1, filter cat. 3. The advantage of the sunglasses is the nose bridge with adjustable nose rests. They can be adapted to most faces. Interchangeable sides and adjustable nosepieces maximize comfort when wearing them. The package also includes a microfiber bag that will serve as protection against scratches and for cleaning the lenses.

Product details:

  • cycling glasses
  • modern sports design
  • light and extra durable frame made of TR90 material
  • high-quality polycarbonate cylindrical lens
  • blue lens flare
  • mirror lens effect
  • nose bridge with adjustable nose rests
  • replaceable pages
  • the package also includes a microfiber bag
  • suitable for riding on sunny days
  • suitable for various sports activities
  • optical class: 1
  • filter: CAT3

  • rám: syntetický materiál šošovky: polykarbonát


Lightweight technology - selected HQBC products are constructed with innovative technologies that bring, in addition to higher safety, other benefits, such as weight reduction. Products that weigh less than when standard manufacturing processes and materials are used are divided by the HQBC brand into two categories:

• EXTREME LIGHTWEIGHT - products with significantly lower weight (for example, with CONEHEAD technology for helmets)

• LIGHTWEIGHT - products with a lower weight, where lightweight accessories are used (clamping mechanism on the helmet, removable padding on the sides of the glasses, etc.)

HQBC Mirror Lens

Mirror Lens technology - The external appearance and color of the lens does not mean that it also filters the given spectrum from sunlight. For example, if the lens is blue on the outside, it does not mean that you will see a blue image through it. The color or tint of the lens is determined by its material, not by the color finish. It has only a minimal effect on changing color vision. All mirror lenses of the QX and QP series are multi-coated and pass the most rigorous tests. The lenses provide good scratch resistance and wear life. The surface treatment is uniform and the same over the entire surface of the lens. Thanks to this, rainbow effects do not occur on the sides of the lenses.

PC Lens technology - Polycarbonate is a durable material. Although it is highly impact resistant, it has poor scratch resistance. For this reason, a hardened coating is applied to the surface of the lenses. Polycarbonate is also longer resistant to high temperatures and, in addition, highly permeable to the visible spectrum of light, it has better transmittance than many types of glass. For the above reasons, polycarbonate is ideal for the production of lenses for sports glasses. It significantly reduces the possibility of damage to the vision in the event of an impact, as it is not shatterproof, but is impact resistant. It also provides UV400 protection against UVA and UVB radiation.
Polycarbonate, after layering in several layers, is also used for the production of bulletproof glass. The polycarbonate lenses of the sunglasses are also multilayered.

HQBC Sunglasses

UV 400 technology - The UV400 filter offers full protection against the sun's rays, which could damage the eyesight. The lens material blocks any UVA and UVB light rays whose wavelength is shorter than 400 nanometers. UV 400 protection provides 99 to 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation.

Material compositionrám: syntetický materiál šošovky: polykarbonát
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Cycling glasses HQBC-LINQ čierne

Cycling glasses HQBC-LINQ čierne

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