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Amulet bikes: mountain bikes and electric bikes at a great price-performance ratio

Amulet bikes: mountain bikes and electric bikes at a great price-performance ratio

EXIsport is an authorized dealer of Amulet bicycles . EXIsport's chain of stores and service provide sales and service for highly sought-after and high-quality Czech bicycles of the Amulet brand. It is no accident that this Czech brand has been synonymous with high-quality, safe and user-friendly bicycles for 25 years. Top Amulet bicycles are produced in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The Amulet brand has its origins in southern Moravia and over the years it has gained thousands of loyal users among the general public and sports enthusiasts . This is one of the main reasons why EXIsport decided to offer and service bicycles of this Czech brand.

Amulet Bikes

New Amulet mountain bikes

From 2021, the traditional brand Amulet was taken over by a new owner - the company Snow-how, owned by Mr. Tomáš Sgalitzer. The new owner of the company wants to continue the tradition of the brand and develop modern trends in cycling, provide customers with a wide range of services, including bicycle servicing . That is also why he invited experienced bicycle racers to the team and prepared a rich collection for the 2022 season:

mountain bikes

• women's bicycles

children's bicycles

junior bikes

• electric bicycles

Amulet bikes

The companies EXIsport and Amulet, through active cooperation, have entered a new stage of development and construction of a modern cycling base for sports and regular bicycle users . It is more than certain that they will definitely not abandon the wide range of high-quality bicycles for athletes, but also for children and teenagers, or girls and women, and will continue to expand and improve it.

Amulet Bikes

Electric bicycles with a range of up to 150 km will charm you with their performance and surprise you with their price

Until recently , demanding hilly terrains or long tracks were intended only for professionals or cyclists in very good condition. Thanks to electric bicycles, these goals have become accessible to almost everyone . Even the current offer of ebikes on the market wishes everyone, the customer can choose an ebike at different price levels.

Have you tried an ebike yet?

Are you one of those who were enchanted by cycling? Do you like new trends and would like to try an electric bicycle, but the high price discourages you? Do not be afraid to reach for a favorable price category. All e-bikes must meet the same standards and safety regulations as well as individual components produced by different manufacturers. Electric bicycles of the Amulet brand meet all the requirements arising from European legislation.

Thanks to the engine , you can reach a speed of up to 25 km/h on an ebike . You will overcome obstacles and distances that seemed insurmountable or impossible to you until now. The basic principles of operation of electric bicycles are as follows:

  • Battery: powers the electric motor and can be located on the frame or under the seat. Batteries on electric bicycles are mostly lithium-ion and have a capacity from 200 Wh to 1000 Wh.
  • Electric motor: it is located in the hub of the wheel or in the center of the frame, while it can have different powers and performance. It is activated by pressing a button, in some models by pedaling.
  • Sensors: e-bikes are equipped with sensors that monitor the speed and revolutions of the wheel and send a signal to the control unit. This subsequently ensures that the electric motor works correctly and provides sufficient assistance to the cyclist.
  • Control unit: located on the helm and allows the rider to regulate the power of the electric motor. The cyclist can use the buttons to increase or decrease the power of the electric motor and thus its speed and power.
  • Charging: the battery of the electric bicycle can be charged from a regular socket at home or in publicly accessible places designated for this purpose. A full charge of the battery usually takes between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the type of battery and charger.

Electric bicycle as a lifestyle

Electric bicycles have many positives and few negatives. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, the main advantage is environmental protection. An electric bicycle does not have a combustion engine, does not produce emissions, nor is it noisy. Ebikes can be used effectively both in cities and in the countryside, on flat and hilly terrains and almost throughout the year. They become a common part of our lives across all age groups and professions. Their use is not only recreational during free time, but for many they have also become a means of transport to work .

Electric bicycle Amulet

Amulet electric bicycles belong to the price range that is accessible to everyone. They are characterized by high-quality components that playfully compete with world-famous manufacturers of electric bicycles. They are manufactured in the Czech Republic and offer you a great price-performance ratio. The eRival models are perfect for long rides in less demanding terrain. What is their secret?

  • they have branded Shimano components
  • thanks to the battery with Samsung 20 Ah cells, they have a range of up to 150 km
  • you will appreciate the good geometry with a comfortable seat during longer rides
  • the Bafang M410 motor with a power of 250 W and a torque of 80 Nm is the most powerful all-round M410 motor from Bafang, which will also surprise you with its low noise level
  • the Walk function helps when pushing the bike either on the flat or uphill
  • a color display is also a matter of course
  • it's just a stinger that won't let you down when climbing any hill

If there is a bicycle for everyone, then definitely the Amulet

The more than twenty-five-year tradition of the Amulet brand extends to South Moravia. In 2001, the company was taken over by a new owner who decided to continue the tradition of the brand, but at the same time develop new trends such as electric bicycles . Amulet electric bikes are among the affordable ebikes suitable for everyone.

The brand also continues the tradition of producing children's bicycles . Children's bicycles, which are the ideal partner for the first cycling trips with parents, are popular with both parents and children due to their low weight . This is especially appreciated by the child, as the child's bike is easy to control thanks to it. Those for the little ones also have auxiliary wheels. The offer includes children's and junior bikes with a wheel diameter of 12"-29". Bicycles for children are manufactured in the EU.

Amulet also offers a wide range of high-quality mountain bikes for men and women with branded Shimano components. They will definitely impress with their design, new sporty geometry and modern design. Everyone can choose from a wide range of colors.

Join the hundreds of satisfied customers who were charmed by electric bicycles. Discover the magic of a bike with a motor, thanks to which you can overcome your own limits and go even further.

EXIsport cooperates with Kálnica BikeFest

Cycling is a modern sport for every active and ecologically minded resident of the EU, which is why EXIsport actively supports cycling and builds facilities for it. The proof can also be the cooperation with Kálnica Bike Fest 2022 , where EXIsport provides a wide range of services, especially of a testing and service nature . Kálnica BikeFest is the largest bicycle festival in Slovakia, which brings a good dose of adrenaline and fun for all age categories.

The 11th edition of the BikeFest event will take place on the first weekend of June, from Friday, June 3 to Sunday, June 5, 2022, traditionally in Bikepark Kálnica (Nové Mesto nad Váhom district). Visitors and fans of cycling can look forward to more than 200 test bikes, various exhibitors and 8 competitive disciplines in which cyclists will test their machines, skills and endurance. Of course, brands such as Amulet and EXIsport cannot be missing at such a cycling event!

Kalnica Bike Fest

Amulet bicycles are made for active people, who can use them for normal relaxing riding, but also for sports activities. Thanks to the quality, precise production and modern geometry, riding Amulet bicycles is very pleasant, comfortable and safe . Anyone who wants to buy, rent, or have their bicycle serviced properly should not rely on mere luck. The employees of EXIsport know everything about bicycles, which is why when thinking about buying, renting or servicing bicycles, it is very prudent to use the services of professionals , so do not hesitate to visit the EXIsport e-shop, stores, service or rental office.

Author: Ingrida Vravcová, Katarína Bačíková

© Copyright reserved.

Cycling racers are also involved in the development of Amulet bikes

Former cyclists and experts from the field have been actively collaborating on the development of Amulet brand products for a long time . Mr. Tomáš Sgalitzer is convinced that a good brand must be able to offer customers products for all age and performance categories . Teams of experts of this brand therefore work on the development of children's bicycles, but also bicycles for adults or electric bicycles, apply modern cycling technologies to production and precisely test and control everything. Quality and safety sell themselves, which is why the Amulet brand is planning to launch and establish itself in other European and world markets from the Czech and Slovak markets .

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