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Are you looking for suitable footwear for every terrain? The answer is Tecnica Magma hiking boots!

Are you looking for suitable footwear for every terrain? The answer is Tecnica Magma hiking boots!

Are you looking for hiking boots where you don't have to think about the terrain you'll be walking in and what you'll be doing? A versatile hiking shoe that is suitable for trekking, alpine hiking and running - that's Tecnica Magma!

Why choose Tecnica Magma?

The Magma model is designed for hiking, running and their combination in all types of technical mountain terrain. Its sole provides a new level of grip and protection. This light and comfortable trekking shoe provides even more:

  • perfect custom shape
  • light construction
  • grip and protection in any terrain, wet and dry
  • vibration absorption and downhill performance
  • arch support thanks to the preformed insole
  • waterproof and breathable thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane
shoes Tecnica Magma

Perfect custom shape

What exactly does that mean? If you often run or climb challenging alpine trails, your hiking boots should be extra comfortable and provide support for your feet . The Tecnica Magma model also meets these requirements thanks to:

  • anatomical shape
  • shoe shaping possibilities thanks to CAS technology
  • supporting the arch through a preformed insole

Anatomical shape

The upper part of the Tecnica Magma shoes and the inner insole are pre-shaped according to a specific anatomical form , so that the shoes provide you with a feeling of security and fit perfectly the first time you put them on. Thanks to the anatomical shaping , you get better arch support and heel fixation during demanding outdoor activities.

Zero adaptation time thanks to CAS

Since every foot is unique, shoes should also have a specific and adapted shape for each foot. With the Magma model, thanks to the CAS (Custom Adaptive Shape) technology, it is possible to customize the shoes by thermal shaping . This dramatically reduces the time needed to adapt to new shoes and solves most of the problems associated with new shoes in advance.


Vault support

When the muscles get tired during long traverses or descents, it is important to wear hiking boots .  which are able to support the arch and prevent injury to the ankle . The Tecnica Magma model has a pre-molded padded EVA insole that provides a great shape without the need for further adjustment.

shoes Tecnica Magma

Technical characteristics of Tecnica Magma shoes

It goes without saying that high-quality trekking shoes also have their technical properties, thanks to which nothing will surprise you in the field . They will provide you with support and protection in adverse weather, on bumps and in unforeseen situations. Simply put, they will provide the reliability that a demanding hiker or lover of outdoor running expects from their outdoor shoes. We will mention some that make Tecnica Magma special.

Round tip shape

The rounded toe shape has been carefully designed to improve the response, grip, quick acceleration and transition of the Magma shoes on technical terrain.

boots Tecnica Magma

Extended heel

The extra large shape of the heel provides excellent stability when walking downhill and during technical transitions in mountain terrain. Two rubber stabilization ribs on both sides of the rear part of the shoe help to brake during technically demanding descents (for example, on gravel or on rocks).

Integrated lacing system

The Tecnica Magma hiking boots have a lightweight construction with a classic tongue design. For faster shoeing, the manufacturers have chosen an integrated lacing system, which enables a better fixation of the foot .

bootsTecnica Magma

Midsole providing a high level of shock absorption

The EVA midsole with high reflectivity offers very good flexibility and absorbs even the strongest impacts . ESS reinforcement prevents excessive torsional twisting and keeps the sole firm and stable even on larger bumps. The 8 mm drop provides excellent comfort during trail runs .

XO-Shield sole

The new sole is based on a combination of breakthrough VIBRAM® LITEBASE™ and MEGAGRIP™ technologies . The sole is covered up to critical points on the sides of the shoe and also in the toe, so perfect grip is ensured over the entire surface of the foot . At the same time, it will provide you with the necessary protection and durability. All this without increasing the total weight of the shoe .

The unique pattern with traction in all directions, inspired by the design of enduro MTP tires, made with VIBRAM® LITEBASE TM technology and MEGAGRIP TM rubber compound, offers optimal grip on any terrain, both dry and wet .

shoes Tecnica Magma

Protection and support of the ankle

On models with a higher cut , the medium-high collar increases ankle protection and support for safer hiking in technical terrain. It also increases protection against water ingress inside the shoes.

Gore-Tex membrane

For models with a Gore-Tex membrane, the first-class upper material actively repels water and shows an extremely long service life . Lining with GORE-TEX® membrane provides a highly functional combination of waterproofness and breathability.

shoes Tecnica Magma

Tecnica Magma footwear and its reviews that will convince you

There is nothing better than personal experience, especially if you want to invest in something more expensive and of better quality. We therefore bring you 5 reviews of the Tecnica Magma model , which were published on various foreign portals.

The Tecnica Magma model is a kind of link between a trail running shoe and a hiking shoe. No matter how long you've been on the trail, the anatomically shaped insole and energetic EVA cushioning will provide a smooth and lively ride . With the speed of a trail runner and the stability of a hiking boot, the Tecnica Magma falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to stability and comfortable lightness. It is a great choice for quickly covering long hiking distances and ideal for covering the trail as a hike/run when the legs can no longer run at full speed.

The feeling you get when running in these shoes is a feeling of maximum safety and grip . On the back of the shoe there are two rubber stabilizing protrusions that work as a handbrake even in the case of gravel or loose rocks on the trail. Downhill performance and shock absorption are most appreciated in these fast hiking boots, but they are also ideal for less demanding situations. 

Tecnica Magma reviews


According to the manufacturer's description, it is a hiking shoe suitable for running in nature. After experience, it is clear that it is more than suitable for both . They are surprisingly light and a great innovative feature is the highly grippy sole inspired by mountain bike tires. They hug your foot nicely, offer great ankle support and your heel stays locked. After unpacking, they sit perfectly on the leg without the need for additional thermal shaping . The functional properties are a win in themselves, as is the excellent fit. If you're considering mountain running, go for it! Overall Rating: 7.5/10 (Fit: 9 Functionality: 8.5 Design: 5.5)

Tecnica Magma shoes fit like a glove right out of the box. The fit is snug and comfortable and provides a sense of security when riding uphill or downhill. Despite their light weight, they are strong and will provide protection and stability. They are like trail running shoes with even more support and grip. These shoes were great on flat trails, but they really shined on rocks and rough terrain and wet terrain. They were extremely stable in all conditions and even after 60+ kilometers the soles and shoes are still strong and like new.

The Magma trail shoe from Tecnica is the first trail shoe that is light enough to be a trail shoe, supportive and durable enough to be a hiking shoe, and grippy enough to be a suitable climbing shoe. After removing from the box, they are immediately suitable for trail or running without pressing your feet or feeling any pain from wearing new shoes. If you're looking for a trail shoe that you can run and hike in, the Magma absolutely delivers.

So, if you prefer versatility and love both trail running and hiking, we have shoes for you, thanks to which you can do everything at once. And that regardless of the terrain that awaits you and without the need to have another pair of shoes with you. You can find the Tecnica Magma model in our range of hiking boots for ladies and gentlemen.

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