Kayland men's shoes. The hiking boots are designed in a classic, timeless design. Kayland alpine boots will delight you with their excellent functional properties and quality workmanship. The upper part of trekking shoes is a guarantee of durability and performance. The Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort membrane ensures waterproofness and breathability. The injected polyurethane midsole of hiking shoes provides good cushioning and shock absorption.

The Cumbria GTX model in brown has a Vibram® New Makalu sole, which has been developed for excellent grip. The Vibram sole is also designed for demanding hiking and rocky terrain. Trekking shoes are ideal for various outdoor activities, hiking and active leisure time. Cumbria trekking shoes are reliable companions even when tackling secured Via ferrata routes. Complement the outdoor shoes with hiking clothes and go on an adventure.

Product details:

  • high cut for better stability
  • leather upper
  • very comfortable and soft shoe collar
  • soft insole
  • membrane: Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort
  • excellent water resistance and breathability
  • cushioning midsole
  • great shock absorption
  • reinforced heel and toe
  • reinforced ankle
  • practical lacing
  • extremely durable Vibram sole
  • weight: 570 g

  • zvršok: nubuk
  • medzipodrážka: PU
  • podrážka: Vibram New Malaku


whole skin

Full leather - Leather is a natural material that is very flexible and durable. Leather products represent quality and luxury since time immemorial. All-leather shoes stand out for their durability and breathability. Since it is a natural material, the feet do not sweat and no skin diseases occur.

Vibram logo

GORE-TEX ® Extended Comfort membrane : a top solution for shoes that will move you at least one step ahead of your opponent. The shoes are made of extremely breathable and waterproof materials. In order to meet the demanding requirements, the individual components and the construction itself are perfectly coordinated. GORE-TEX ® Extended Comfort shoes are permanently waterproof, extremely breathable and will keep your feet dry and comfortable in any weather, even during strenuous physical activity.


  • permanently waterproof and breathable
  • optimal climatic comfort
  • to milder and warmer conditions
  • at more intense activity
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • without an insulating layer, so it does not retain heat
  • ideal for milder and warmer conditions and for more intense activity

Vibram® New Makalu sole is ideal for light hiking. The tread is perfectly shaped to ensure maximum traction of the sole. The wide grooves on the sole allow cleaning from water and mud. The sole increases comfort even during long hikes.

Shoe interior treatment:

EMPIRE -Fresh Express 200ml

Empire shoe care product that solves the smell of shoes

Impregnation of leather products:


A care product that is used for impregnation and care for all types of leather and textiles. Long-term protection for mountain, climbing and leisure shoes made of smooth and different leather.



Active foam for effective cleaning of footwear and other leather products, textiles and mixed materials.

Impregnation of leather products:

FELDTEN Spray Wax 250ml

Impregnation and protection for all leather and wax fabrics. Provides long-term protection for mountain, climbing and leisure shoes made of smooth and different leather.

Material compositionzvršok: nubuk; medzipodrážka: PU; podrážka: Vibram New Malaku
Model lineKAYLAND-Cumbria
Interné číslo produktu018016125/6
Jarmila Kotosová

Veľkostná tabuľka nezodpovedá skutočnosti, treba objednať o cíšlo menšie, ale inak topánky sú krásne a dúfam poslúžia účelu. Vymením za menšie, lebo sa mi páčia.


super, sedia, netlacia, parada

Men's hiking shoes high KAYLAND-Cumbria GTX brown

Men's hiking shoes high KAYLAND-Cumbria GTX brown

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