75% Side wall
The sidewall built into the ski construction has the following advantages:

  • Higher power transfer to the edges of the skis = holding the edges on icy terrain
  • Constant edge pressure along the entire length of the ski
  • Greater stability of the whole structure
  • Perfect control
  • Maximum carving performance

The "75% Sidewall" construction is used mainly for sports ski models that suit skiers who do not reach racing speeds, but prefer to ride at medium speeds. By partially 75% using a phenolic side edge in the length of the ski, higher torsional strength, better damping and more precise transmission of forces to the edge of the ski are achieved.

Dura-tec : Highly scratch-resistant structured surface that extends the life of the ski surface. Also ideal for ski rentals. New metal protective tips protect the entire tip of the ski and extend life.

Type of skierSport
Arc typeMedium
Ski speedMedium speed
Interné číslo produktu8A520200 + 8C5008B1/4

Skis on the piste - on piste BLIZZARD-Power RC + TP10 DEMO

Skis on the piste - on piste BLIZZARD-Power RC + TP10 DEMO

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