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FAQ: Alternative, recommended products and product collections

FAQ: Alternative, recommended products and product collections

In the EXIsport e-shop, the products include alternative products and recommended product collections. In the basket, you can choose a recommended product that can be a great companion for your chosen sports activity. We will advise you where you can find nice collections or alternatives to your chosen products.

What are alternative products and where can I find them?

Alternative products are products that are similar to the selected product and are available in the same size and at approximately the same price. They are located on the product tab, in the lower part under the photo and description of the selected product. It can be the same model in a different color combination or even a different brand.

Alternative products, collections

For example: men's ankle hiking boots Trezeta - Argo are matched with alternative products - men's ankle hiking boots Trezeta - Fllow Evo WP MID or men's hiking boots Kayland - Vitrik Mid GTX and others.

What are recommended products and where can I find them

Recommended products are products that customers prefer to buy with the selected item or that go well with it in some way. They will appear in the window after you put the selected product in the cart. You can find them under the ordered goods. For example, when buying men's hiking shoes, customers most often also bought hiking socks, hiking poles, and men's softshell jacket or vest. These products can also be added to the cart.

Alternative products, collections

What are product collections and where can I find them?

Clothing collections

A collection of clothing products is a set of products that are color coordinated with each other. For example, the designed clothes from the collection are in one style, color and material match each other. Collections are displayed below the product image. They are also marked with the word COLLECTION

Alternative products, collections

If you have chosen the Under Armor Project Rock women's t-shirt, the collection includes, for example, the Under Armor Project Rock women's leggins or backpack or other products.

Footwear collections and recommended products

The footwear collection may contain the same product of the same brand in a different color combination, or another product that was included by the manufacturer in the collection for the given footwear. If another product belonging to the collection is not found for the product, the recommended products are displayed. They are in some way related to the product you have chosen, or they complement it in some way. If you have chosen men's ankle hiking boots Trezeta - Argo, you will also see hiking socks, hiking sleeves and other products in the offer.

Alternative products, collections

Bike collections and recommended products

Collections and recommended products for bicycles contain products that match the color and technology of the bicycle. The Mondraker - Chaser red mountain bike includes, for example bicycle gloves and a cycling socks.

 Alternative products, collections

FAQ EXIsport

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