Women's footwear brand Trezeta. Trekking shoes Annette adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the female foot. Hiking boots will appeal to ladies who prefer a timeless design combined with functionality. The upper of the forest boot for women is a combination of suede and textile for a higher level of breathability. The tip of the trekking shoes is massively reinforced with additional material for a higher degree of toe protection.

Trekking shoes have a shaped insole that provides comfort even during a longer hike. The EVA midsole guarantees high shock absorption. The microporous midsole has two layers with different densities: the upper layer, which isdense, has the function of stabilizing the shoe, while the lower layer, which is less dense , but stronger, plays an essential role in absorbing shocks in the field. The advantage of mountain boots is the Trezeta Water Stopper membrane, which ensures waterproofness. Gray mountain boots are great companions when tackling difficult hiking trails.

Product Details:

  • Trezeta Water Stopper Membrane
  • insole shaped Eva + fabric
  • shaped polypropylene insole
  • microporous midsole
  • massively reinforced tip
  • weight: 410 g 1/2 pair

  • zvršok: semiš, textil
  • vnútro: textília
  • podrážka: Vibram® Winkler Evo


VIBRAM® WINKLER EVO - The Vibram® Winkler Evo sole is a rubber sole with a mixture of Vibram® TREK material in a classic Winkler design. It is characterized by high wear resistance and excellent adhesion to various surfaces.

Water Stopper - Waterproof polyurethane membrane protects and keeps feet dry. Its high transport properties guarantee performance even when crossing a stream, on wet and muddy ground. Water Stopper means waterproofness and comfort at the same time. Because the water is repelled outwards, moisture can escape freely from the shoe, while the feet can breathe.

It consists of 3 layers:

• outer layer - protects against abrasion

• middle layer - membrane

• inner layer - breathable mesh

Shoe interior treatment:

EMPIRE -Fresh Express 200ml

Empire shoe care product that solves the smell of shoes



Impregnating spray for the protection of footwear, clothing and other products made of leather, textiles and synthetics. Provides long-term protection against moisture, dirt and sunlight.

Material compositionzvršok: semiš, textil; vnútro: textília; podrážka: Vibram® Winkler Evo
Model lineTREZETA-Annette
Interné číslo produktu010716130/5

Vyborne a pekne turisticke topanky

Pekny zensky dizajn, dobre vyzeraju na nohe. Netlacia a prijemne sa v nich chodi po turistickych chodnikoch. Som rada, ze som si ich kupila.


dobre sa v nich chodí, dobre sedia



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